"People with passion can change the world for the better." These wise words of Steve Jobs hold the secret to entrepreneurial success. Successful entrepreneurs are abundantly passionate about their missions. They are passionate about disruptions by building products or services that make the world better for all. Such is the story of Srinivas Rani whose passion is now called ZERO21- the EV disruption in the three-wheeler segment. He left his handsome-paying highly-respected job at Tesla to actualise his expertise and contribute to his home country – India.

Srinivas Rani, Founder & CEO

Solutions for Bright Tomorrow

While it was a natural choice for Srinivas is choose the EV sector after being inspired by the industry dynamics, the Indian bandwidth for embracing the EV revolution also worked in his favour. Moreover, after the release of the Budget 2023-24 by the government of India, the Economic Survey predicts India's EV market to witness a 49 percent CAGR between 2022 and 2030.

It is constantly evolving as an innovation, but there are many untapped voids, especially in the three-wheeler sector. To bridge this by rendering an amazing contribution, ZERO21 is offering comprehensive three-wheeler EV Solutions such as ReNew Conversion Kit, Smart Mule, Smart Mule X, Smart Mule Passenger, and Teer. Adding to the conversation, Srinivas mentions, "After returning from Tesla, I founded ZERO21 in 2017 with the mission to bring change in the three-wheeler sector. Our focus is primarily on the manufacturing of electric three-wheelers, with a portfolio that includes five products; a low-speed electric loader capable of carrying up to 350 kg, low-speed passenger vehicles, a conversion kit (for converting a three-wheeler from CNG/diesel to electric), a 700 kg goods carrier, and a high-speed three-plus-one seater auto rickshaw.”

Speaking about why he chose the three-wheeler niche market, he stated, “The demand for electric three-wheelers is driven by a multitude of factors, including the affordability of these vehicles, global efforts to address alarming carbon emissions, and an increase in the demand for electric passengers and load carriers, coupled with low expenditure from auto owners, low maintenance and more. Despite the crucial role that three-wheelers play in servicing public transportation and logistics in cities across India, innovation in the segment has been limited. That's where ZERO21 comes in. We aim to swiftly revolutionize this sector and bring about a transformation in the way we perceive three-wheeler-based transportation. This includes prioritizing both driver and fleet owner safety and experience, all while making a meaningful impact in reducing carbon emissions and noise pollution through the shift of existing fossil fuel-run vehicles to renewable energy.”

Product & Service Quality and other X-Factors

One question that propelled the competence of ZERO21 as the unique player is ‘Why is roadside assistance available to four-wheelers but not three-wheelers?’ Today, the company is striving with an unwavering commitment to offer assistance for three-wheeler drivers. “We aim to provide authorized service centres for these drivers. Our goal is to be organized and service-oriented. This cannot happen by us alone, our dealers and partners should not just sell the products but ensure to provide the services as well; while we also promise to support the dealers. While we have stringent protocols, the dealers are monitored by our dealer management software. If any dealer is not offering upright services, we will not hesitate to break the partnership. We also ensure that the customers are responsible; with a tech-based mechanism that monitors vehicle condition (for instance, if a person has loaded more weight than recommended and claims for warranty replacement) so that our partners won’t face the problems.

We welcome all dealers and distributors who wish to join us in making this big change. Our selling process is not just about selling a commodity, but about providing a complete package of services to our customers. If they ever face a challenge, we will be there to help them. The emphasis is on not letting the driver suffer as we understand the pain areas of every owner, and strive to serve their needs in the best way possible,” the founder remarks.

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Small Steps towards a ZERO-Carbon Future

He highlights, "Diesel vehicles emit around 2.6 kg of carbon per litre of diesel burned. Despite a common perception that compressed natural gas (CNG) is cleaner, it still releases over 1.6 kg. Also, the high maintenance cost for diesel vehicles, often costing up to 2000 rupees per month for auto-rickshaw owners, is a significant burden. However, the low maintenance and operating costs of electric vehicles are becoming increasingly attractive, benefiting both owners and drivers, as well as reducing pollution. Financial stability is a priority for most auto-rickshaw drivers and owners, and environmental concerns are often secondary. That being said, our team spread across the globe is working tirelessly to innovate and re-iterate all the possible solutions to reduce carbon footprint across this niche area."

"We are present in Hyderabad Delhi, Kolkata, Bhubaneshwar, and Bengaluru, and our goal is to expand our reach across India. We have already established a dealer in Gujarat and Kashmir and are on the brink of signing in Kanyakumari and the Northeast. Our success is measured not just by numbers, but by the difference we make. By the end of 2023, our plan is to have a presence in every state, and if possible, most of the districts within each state. Of course, this is a big challenge, but by the end of this year, our aim is to have a strong presence in each state of the country," he signs off.

"I vow to my customers that they will receive not only exceptional product but also the after sales service. ZERO21 is recognised as a most viable change accelerator and innovator, bringing change in 3-wheeler transportation.