Geotechnical engineering is an unsung hero of civil engineering structures. Without proper geotechnical investigation and foundation design, a building or bridge's longevity and safety are compromised. ZedGeo Systems, specializes in geotechnical services such as foundation engineering, carrying over 22 years of experience in the field. Headed by Prasad Zantye, having completed his Masters in Geotechnical Engineering from Mumbai University, the company has achieved many notable accomplishments, including performing the highest capacity pile load tests ever done in India and completing projects in record time.

Prasad Zantye, Founder

The Legacy

The company's founder, Prasad Zantye, inherited the business from his father, who had been operating a partnership firm providing geotechnical services since 1958. Having grown up seeing the workings of the family business firsthand, Prasad was inspired to continue the legacy and expand the scope of the company's services. After graduating in 1996, he joined his father's company and worked there until 2001. During this time, he gained valuable experience in soil investigation and drilling and grouting of dams. In 2001, Prasad decided to start his own Foundation Engineering Company, ZedGeo Systems, to further expand the family business and offer a wider range of geotechnical services. The inspiration to continue his family's legacy and passion for geotechnical services has driven ZedGeo Systems' growth and success.

ZedGeo Systems has a rich family history in geotechnical services, which is reflected in the company's commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. The company takes pride in being a one-stop-shop for all kinds of foundation work required for civil engineering structures. Their technical expertise and focus on providing accurate data and reporting for soil investigation ensure that the foundations of buildings are safe and long-lasting. The company has worked with many infrastructure and real estate companies across India, including some of the biggest names in the industry. ZedGeo Systems has earned a reputation for completing projects on time and delivering high-quality work, leading to referrals and word-of-mouth marketing. As a result, the company has never felt the need to actively market or advertise itself. The company's growth and expansion have been organic and self-sustaining, based on the quality of the work and the satisfaction of its clients.

An Edge

One of the things that sets ZedGeo Systems apart from its competitors is its expertise in all areas of geotechnical services under one roof, which very few companies are able to manage. The company offers a range of geotechnical services, including Soil Investigation for determining the type of foundation required based on the soil and rock conditions, Pile Foundation installation for supporting buildings and bridges, Micro-piling for constrained spaces, Rock Anchoring (Prestressed and Passive) for excavation of basements and uplift on Raft foundations, Drilling and Grouting of dams for leakage prevention and Heavy Capacity Static Pile Load testing with Reaction Anchors. Additionally, the company provides allied services such as Pressuremeter, Vane Shear, Plate Load Test, ERT and CBR tests. The management team, consisting of experienced project managers and engineers, actively contributes to decision-making, site management, and resource allocation. With a close-knit team working together for more than two decades, the company operates more like a family than a business. The management team encourages innovative ideas to bring variation to the company's services.

Looking towards the future, ZedGeo Systems plans to expand its services to include ground improvement services such as Stone Columns and Band Drains. These services are essential for improving the soil conditions in areas that are slushy or marshy, making it possible to construct large structures.

The company has had several remarkable achievements in the past. One of the most notable ones was conducting one of the largest pile load tests ever carried out in India for the Dedicated Freight Corridor at Palghar for 5000. Recently, the company also conducted a Pile load test for 4750 tonnes, which was also one of the largest ever done in India, at Ranchi. The company has taken up challenging projects, such as conducting pile load tests for a bridge across the river Brahmaputra and the 22 Kilometer River Bridge that is coming up between Assam and Meghalaya. The company has also been successful in dam projects where they were able to stop leakages that had been prevalent for years, which the authorities were not able to fix. The company's innovative methods and use of hydraulic drilling rigs for Soil Investigation have also been highly effective. They were one of the first companies to introduce hydraulic drilling rigs for Soil Investigation on a large scale, and now almost all the super infra projects demand that hydraulic rigs only should be used. In addition to its technical expertise, ZedGeo is also committed to sustainable and environmentally friendly.

Setting Benchmarks

ZedGeo Systems Pvt. Ltd. is a distinguished company incorporated to conduct business and establish work sites in the field of Geotechnical Engineering and Foundation Engineering services. As part of its expansion, Zedgeo Systems Pvt. Ltd. has acquired Zed Geotechnics and Construction, a proprietary company owned by Mr. Prasad Zantye, who also serves as a Director at Zedgeo Systems Pvt. Ltd.

The company has a rich history dating back to 2001, offering uninterrupted services in the realm of foundation Engineering (Civil Engg) and Geotechnical Services. Their expertise includes Soil Investigation, Piling, Rock Anchoring, Micropiling, Heavy Static Pile Load Test, Drilling, Grouting of Dams, and a wide range of other Allied Services in the same domain.

Under the leadership of Mr. Prasad G. Zantye, who holds extensive qualifications including M.E. (Geotech) and B.E. (Const), Zed Geotechnics & Const. began its journey with a modest fleet consisting of 4 Calyx Drill Rigs, 2 Atlas Copco Drifters, and Grouting equipment for Soil Investigation, Drilling, Grouting, and Micropiling jobs. These projects were executed with utmost efficiency by a hand-picked team, meticulously trained in site management and administration.

Driven by their commitment to surpass market standards, Zed Geotechnics and Construction witnessed a growing list of satisfied customers, leading them to venture into allied fields of Geotechnical Engineering. This expansion resulted in the establishment of a dedicated Piling division in 2003, which has emerged as one of their strongest pillars. With an unwavering faith in their skilled workforce and supervisors, they further expanded their services to include Rock Anchoring works, as well as Prestressed and Passive solutions.

To strengthen their capabilities, Zed Geotechnics and Construction procured cutting-edge OYO Pressuremeter Equipment from Japan, enabling them to conduct Pile Load Tests and Footing Load Tests for heavy loadings utilizing the Reaction Anchor system.

At ZedGeo Systems Pvt. Ltd., their unwavering commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction drives them to set higher benchmarks in the industry. They continue to expand their offerings, ensuring that their pillars of expertise provide a solid foundation for their clients' success.

ZedGeo’s subsidiary, Zed Core N Bore, specializes in core drilling services for infrastructure and real estate projects. The company provides services such as diamond core drilling, reverse circulation drilling, and wireline coring. These services are critical for determining the characteristics of the ground, including rock types and geological features, and are essential for constructing large-scale projects such as dams, bridges, and high-rise buildings.

Overall, ZedGeo Group is at the forefront of geotechnical engineering and drilling services in India.

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