Deepak Vakil, Founder

Improved living standards have been instrumental in increasing the demand for affordable yet fine quality leather products. Consumers’ need for new designs and creative stylish leather products has been resulting in surging growth of the Indian Leather Industry; with a value of ~ USD 4.8 billion and the potential to grow at a CAGR of around 5.9 percent between 2021 and 2028.The major push factor driving the segment's growth is the rising purchasing power of the end-users, top-notch export capacity, and fashion trends. This is where Ahmedabad-based Yeti Leather  excels in catering to modern demands with its immense commitment to manufacturing & exporting fine-quality leather accessories.

For over 3 and a half decades, the company has been outshining in the Indian Leather segment; thriving with its expertise and sensitivity towards customer needs. In the massive path of growth, Yeti forayed into this segment in 1986 by setting up it’s own leather goods manufacturing facility. Delivering customer demands with modern R&D, Yeti has indigenously innovated, researched, and created a wide range of world-class products. The foundational stones of Yeti were carefully designed around the vision of offering the finest possible quality at the most affordable prices.

Progressing One-Step at a Time

"When we started, we were a one-product company – manufacturing wallet. The journey was indeed a herculean task, as we were focused on exports. However, finest possible quality at the most affordable prices was our motto. Today, we are a multiproduct company with a wide range of Leather Wallets, Accessories, Travel Accessories, Leather, Belts, Reversible Belts, and Women’s Bags, office bags, Limited Edition Leather Jackets, Leather Footwear; launched between the years 1986 and 2002. In the year 2004, my son Meit joined the company to give shape to the foundation. Subsequently, we began manufacturing Cotton Shirts and opened 2 Flagship Showrooms in Ahmedabad (India). Down the line we added Cotton Polo t.shirts, Leather Sandals for Men, Men's Formal Shoes, Women's Tunics, Cobbler's Den Exclusive High End, Men's Shoes, Ballerina/Pump Footwear for Women, and more.

We have come a long way; witnessing transformations in styles &colours, a revolution in technology &manufacturing techniques, coupled with changes in marketing approaches. We have seen a new approach to train and retain the workforce; new ways of raising money, and new ways of logistics. We always try our best to implement the same. One of our advantages is that our set-up is extremely flexible. We have the capacity and ability to supply just 1 piece or even thousands of pieces of a product. This makes us retain customers; and we never say no to their requests for special quantities. We are now planning to promote the brand locally and reach pan India, add more retail outlets, ensure direct factory to retailers across India. We are also launch custom-made jackets at factory prices." shares Deepak Vakil, Founder and Owner. Meit has also opened Yeti Leather’s USA marketing company and office since 2015 and Yeti’s pad folios and leather belts are a great hit on Amazon . com.

Registered brands: Yeti has it s own thre registered trademark brands :- Yeti, Cobbler’s den, Glenn Beatty New York

Uncompromised Quality

The ISO 9001:2015-certified brand stands as a promise for quality by imbibing stringent standards throughout the process. The company has an in-house unit with the latest equipment to perform varied tests on the products before letting them into the market. All the scrutiny is undertaken to ensure that clients get best products. Equipped with state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities, hi-tech quality control techniques, and unparalleled domain expertise, Yeti uses top grain buffalo calf leathers of finest quality for all its accessories; along with waterproof lining, metal and nylon zippers, pure brass hardware/ buckles, and nylon bonded threads.

“We consider customer satisfaction as the MOST VALUABLE ASSET. We leave no stone unturned to gain the trust of customers. Every product has a guarantee card. In the unlikely event of a defect, we replace or repair free of cost,” remarks MeitVakil, international Marketing Head & MD.

The Conducive Culture

Work-life in the manufacturing industry could seem laborious and monotonous. This visualization is not true in the case of Yeti. With transparent processes and a dynamic environment, the company aims to grow as one family! Moreover, its commitment to continuous innovation for delivering supreme quality products at the best possible prices has been boosting the team’s ideas to come up with something unconventional. The brand not only takes the responsibility for customer satisfaction but also makes the employees aware and committed to the customers. “One of Our biggest achievements is ZERO Labour turnover, we empower women, train people at our expense, and offer lifetime employment,” they concluded.

“Yeti offers “Italian quality” at “Chinese Prices” and Yeti’s major achievements are 3 zeros :-

Zero labour turnover.

Zero outside rejection in last 38 years.

Zero tolerenace to quality variation in raw materials coming in & finish goods going out.

We consider customer satisfaction as the MOST VALUABLE ASSET, and leave no stone unturned to gain the trust of customers. “Our modesty forbids us from revealing personal achievements”, said Mr.Deepak Vakil who is a published author of 4 books on life and entrepreneurship. He received the prestigious “Best Practises” award from New Jersey Chamber of Commerce in 2018. His son Meit is a sportsman by passion and an avid fitness enthusiast pursuing Calisthenics, marathons & Ironman.

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