Let’s recount the most famous saying by Albert Einstein – “The only source of knowledge is experience”. Standing tall as the epitome of this saying is Yaffas Interior Turnkey Solutions LLP, a 15-year-old interior designing company with a strong foundation and proven track record of success. The company holds a wealth of experience and expertise in creating functional and aesthetically pleasing living & work spaces. Over the years, Yaffas has developed a strong portfolio of successful projects and a reputation for quality and professionalism in the industry. These projects include a wide range from residential to commercial, with focus on specific areas such as hospitality, healthcare, or retail design. Tushar Prabhakar Shedge, Director, Yaffas Interior Turnkey Solutions, adds, “Our team of skilled designers and contractors work together to provide comprehensive interior design services, thus making us the most reliable choice for clients who are looking to create beautiful and functional spaces”.

Tushar P. Shedge, Director

With no plans of becoming a turnkey solution company, Yaffas plunged into the pharmaceutical solution space. Since most of the clients wanted complete solution projects, the company started building a team for all kinds of works. After a point, they felt the need to explore the residential part too as there was a lot to be done in that section. Today, the company offers turnkey projects comprising civil work, paintings, carpentry work, electrical, aluminium, fabrication & modular furniture. Its team of skilled professionals including carpenters, electricians, fabricators, and painters ensure to finish all the works on time. Yaffas has also developed a strong resource base with an assurance of providing the best in quality materials on every site it caters to and especially, in the required time frame.

Everyone at Yaffas work collectively to understand their clients’ vision and listen to them with ambition plus the advantage of providing advanced and convenient alternatives. Yaffas’ core belief is to be simple and contemporary yet classic in terms of design. Tushar asserts, “What makes us unique is that we give a personal touch to our clients. Our idea is if we are creating a personal space for the clients, we should be able to connect with them to understand their comforts and discomforts. We also go out of our way and plan lunches and dinners where we talk about their lifestyle. This helps a lot in achieving the best design suitable for the clients”.

About the Mastermind

From handling site and managing all other aspects of a designing company single handed to now having a team of workers pan India, Tushar’s journey started with his first big pharmaceutical project with a very renowned company spanning 50,000 sq. ft. That was a direct jump from working on a 5000 sq. ft. project with a very limited manpower. Despite being strenuous and challenging to manage work back then, he was lucky enough to have finished the project without any major complications and that was a kickstart to his future in this field.

Later on, Tushar was designated with projects from the same pharma company which works PAN India and that’s how he got the opportunity to serve PAN India, thus building diverse teams across all corners of India. While all the commercial projects were going on, he also started receiving residential projects. With the increase in the number of projects, he started expanding his team and now they are stand tall as a one big family, working on making this world a better place to live in and keeping their clients the happiest!

Future Roadmap

As an interior designing company grows, it may expand its range of services to include more specialized areas such as sustainable design, lighting design, or furniture design. Advancements in technology can also impact how an interior designing company operates. For example, the use of 3D modeling and virtual reality can enhance the design process and help clients better visualize their space before any physical changes are made.

Tushar concludes, “Our immediate goal is to bestow our clients with the finest experiences of the Interior Designing world. The current year’s plan for us would be a lot of aspects. With the current state of the world, consumers are placing a greater emphasis on wellness in their homes. Incorporating wellness elements such as natural lighting, greenery, and natural materials into designs can create a healthier living space”. Consumers are looking for unique and personalized designs that reflect their personalities and tastes. Hence, Yaffas plans on creating customized design services that can set them apart from its competitors. Moreover, as the company has reached its target of serving PAN India, its goal now is to build a brand and spread its wings overseas.

"Over the years, Yaffas has developed a strong portfolio of successful projects and a reputation for quality and professionalism in the industry