The celebratory spirit is looming, and after two years of understated festivities, Indians around the country are excited about this year's Christmas and New year celebrations. Christmas-New year, the time of joy, laughter, and togetherness, is an ideal opportunity to make home renovations and give it a relook. By giving the house a design overhaul, one can celebrate the magnitude of the occasion and the positive energy it generates while also amplifying the joyful mood. Ar. Gagandeep Dua, Founder and Principal Architect at Workshop for Metropolitan Architecture, offers easy-to-do yet eye-catching year-end home decoration ideas that can be used this season. Let's start!

Brass and Copper Decor

Metallic accents and decorations can give the home a gleaming and classy impression. Brass and copper are also intrinsically tied to modern design, with most designers liberally employing metal embellishments to lend just the right amount of glitz and ethnic flair. Both metals provide a pleasant and serene ambiance while adding elegance and luxury to any area.

Sparkling cushions and lush fabrics

The best exquisite décor addition is a set of shimmering cushions. Every home is incomplete without these decorative items, and for enticing and modest décor pieces, pick sequin and vibrant colour cushion covers for the living room.

Spiritually Energized Wall Art

Wall decors have a presence in every space. Investing in spiritually inspired wall decors during Christmas can be a great choice that will not only help in festivals but will also help to adorn and bring a spiritual mood all around the house. Metal wall decor with LED effects might be a splendid choice for lighting up the entire puja room. These simple decor features have the potential to create a very humble and serene ambiance for your space, which will aid in spiritual inspiration. Even guests visiting the house during festivals or on regular days will notice this piece and commend the decision to add these pieces to the home.

Add Life to the Space Through Fresh Plants

Adding fresh flowers, plants, and a fragrance of nature to the home decor is the simplest way to brighten it up! Using unconventional plant containers offers a unique spin. Old brass vessels retrieved from the attic or up-cycled wooden crates may lend a subtle touch to the decor.


Lights can brighten up any place, and good mood lighting is the finest way to bring life to a space, especially around the festive period. Strip lights can be installed on the outer facet of the house. One could also add some extravagant lighting, such as a chandelier or some exquisite table or floor lights. Get in the mood for preparation with all of these trendy ideas. However, remember to keep it simple and classic. A traditional touch will always lift your spirits during the festive season. The above-mentioned design ideas can give the home a definite stand-out look and make the celebration more spectacular with the addition of one's own artistic input. So, make your home as dazzling as it has always been and adorn it to make this season a long-lasting and memorable event.

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