Aiyappa Apadanda Madappa, Managing Director

With rising awareness of waste management, we are trying new initiatives to bring about the much-needed overhaul. For instance, the Indian government has been working to make its Swachh Bharat a success. However, there are several stumbling blocks in its way; such as a lack of efficient infrastructure and supply chain, leading to poor waste management in the country.

While we generate 62 million tons of solid waste annually, the gauge is expected to increase 3x (reaching 165 million tonnes) by 2030. Hence, there is an urgent need to develop adequate treatment and recycling strategies. Not just this would be an environmental initiative but also a great business opportunity. Moreover, market research says that the amount of Indian garbage being produced will offer a potential of 14 billion USD by 2025 for the waste treatment industry. In our efforts to honour some businesses that have already tapped into this market, we embarked on Wisebin. Beyond looking at this as a business choice, the company is making umpteen efforts to make a big difference. The company has been excelling in this field with their innovative approaches. Having proven its dedication to bringing circularity in the broken value chain of waste managementWisebin stands out from the crowd.

What Makes Wisebin a ‘Special Industry Player’?

While being driven by the vision to normalize a circular economy by reducing waste generation, recycling accumulated waste, and manufacturing finished goods, Wisebin has emerged as one of India’s  prominent waste management companies providing various tailor-made services.

“We are a well-integrated waste management, recycling, and product manufacturing company. Since our inception in 2019, we have been serving corporate clients to manage pre-consumer and post-consumer waste through our inclusive EPR (Extended Producers’ Responsibility) Program which refers to the brand owner’s responsibility for the management of the disposal of waste. We have been fast enough to become one of South India’s prime waste management companies tying up with various corporate partners to manage large outputs of pre-consumer and post-consumer waste. We are taking careful steps to create awareness and introduce sustainable waste management practices for responsible disposal of harmful waste, for the betterment of society,” says Aiyappa Madappa- Co-Founder.

The foundational stones for Wisebin were laid by Aiyappa Madappa. Sharing about the brand’s ideation, Aiyappa mentions, “I was working with a MNC , managing their logistics. It was crucial for us to manage waste sustainably, but we couldn’t find any recyclers who could help us with this. Just before covid, we thought of finding a solution and that prompted the start of this model.”

A Transparent Supply chain for Waste Management.

With a one-of-a-kind circular economy model, the company is generating high-quality products from recycled goods by converting waste into reusable raw materials. This is ultimately enabling them to re-introduce non-biodegradables into the production cycle to be reused for the manufacturing of finished goods. “Circular economy ensures that the material recycled from your facility makes its way back to you. Thus, closing the loop of discarded materials being directed to landfills. Our model helps manufacturers and businesses maintain accountability for waste generated and provides them with a systematic method to upcycle the discarded materials,” the company claims. “WiseBin aims to achieve circularity in the waste management sector by allocating discarded materials to recycling hubs and generating reusable raw materials. These materials are then repurposed to manufacture finished goods that we source back to our clients. This integrated process is inspired by the concept of the Circular Economy”

What’s Ahead?

Based in Bangalore, Wisebin operates in over 5 cities of India; while looking forward to expanding its Logistics network and building sustainable supply chain practices reach pan India. To achieve its vision of a sustainable future, the company has already collaborated with various brands across the country. We are majorly focused on the simplifying process of the supply chain; from collection to segregation and final raw material manufacturing. The main objective is to develop an effective & efficient system that takes care of the collection, segregation & transportation of waste material to the waste disposal facilities. Moreover, offer seamless service to customers through our application; a AI-based platform that tracks every aspect of the waste management value chain, which segregates between the types of waste picked up, the geographical location, the waste-picker who picked it, and the method of recycling as well.