In today’s time, technological innovation has reached its peak. It is available to everyone simultaneously worldwide. Though it is still a major driving force in helping a business succeed. In this era, where every other company is offering a similar product and/or technology, the only differentiator for businesses is going to be the Experience they deliver. This is where Design comes into play.

Businesses today need to understand the importance of design thinking in accelerating business growth. I strongly believe the future of business lies in leveraging the potential of technology and design thinking, to deliver world-class experiences to the customers.

In the current VUCA world, delivering differentiating experiences is the key to not just sustaining but also thriving business.

Technology evolution. Its introduction into our daily lives.

Technology is evolving faster and is not just changing the way we work, but also how we think and behave. Technological advances have evolved through a timeline of being used for exclusive domains to being available to everyone at the same time.

Technology for a larger part of the time has proved to be the business differentiator for multiple domains. Today, technology has reached a stage where it is accessible by anyone from anywhere. There’s a big surge in the speed at which it is developing. As technology is getting updated every year or two years, it is no longer the business differentiator.

Experience Economy

Though technology has been the driving force for business growth for a long time, the experience of users is taking over products and services far and wide. Creating or staging world-class experiences will give a competitive advantage to businesses in the long term.

We are all moving towards the exciting future where personalization through advanced tech, data, and analytics will drive the way businesses deliver products and services.

Delivering Experiences

Design can help businesses better align their offerings - whether products or services to the needs and preferences of the customers. It is not just about solving the right problems and delivering aesthetically pleasing solutions. But, it is also about delivering an experience that induces a change in customer behavior. These are called world-class experiences.

These experiences are no longer limited to the screen, they expand in the physical world. Many design mature companies are taking the leap in providing a connected physical and digital experience to customers. These interactions can come to life if designed with the intent of approaching the challenge in a scientific manner and utilizing technological expertise.

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UX Design

Not just beautifies the product but solves real-world business problems

UX design implemented well, can transform businesses at scale by creating systems of brand, product, and service that deliver a distinctly efficient experience. UX design can help equip businesses to be at the frontier of consumer-ecosystem development. With the practice of a human-centered design approach, we can change the way businesses operate, make business sense and boost the ROI on design.

I believe, this shift in the opportunities that the design fraternity has witnessed through the last decade, has imposed responsibilities on us as designers. Responsibilities to do good for society and contribute to making an impact on a larger scale. We need to anticipate and solve the problems of tomorrow - Today!

These days, experience design is the field to be in if you want to make a difference on a systemic, organizational, and societal level. I hope to bring back the culture of design that existed in Indian history that may have disappeared through the sands of time. Essentially it is about humanizing the technology impacting the lives of people who will be using it.

About Author

Samir Chabukswar

 – CEO and Founder – YUJ Designs

A UX veteran with over 25 years of experience and expertise in defining systems, design processes, man-machine interactions, and user experience.

He has consulted many Fortune 100 and Fortune 500 companies to realize business value. YUJ Designs is one of the global leaders in user experience design – that is involved in the design and management of over 2500+ user experience projects across a variety of products and domains. And has a strength of 213 design consultants.

A well-known expert in the industry, Samir holds a Master’s degree in Human Factors from Clemson University, US; an advanced degree in Business Administration, and a Bachelors degree in Industrial Engineering.

He has been interviewed in books like ‘Global UX: Design and Research in a Connected World’, Morgan Kaufmann Publishers, and ‘Interaction Design and Usability from an Indian Perspective’ by Torkil Clemmensen.

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