Flight Path

Airports are bustling hubs of human connectivity, where journeys begin and end, and where the world shrinks within the confines of a terminal. They are not just transportation gateways but complex ecosystems that facilitate the movement of millions of people and goods across the globe. Here's the list of the top 10 largest airports, along with the cities in which they are located:

10:  Suvarnabhumi International Airport

12 Square Miles Bangkok, Thailand

14 Square Miles Cairo, Egypt

9:  Cairo International Airport

15 Square Miles Shanghai, China

8:  Shanghai Pudong International Airport

17 Square Miles Houston, Texas, USA

7:  George Bush Intercontinental Airport

18 Square Miles Washington, D.C., USA

6: Dulles International Airport

5:  Beijing Daxing International Airport

18 Square Miles Beijing, China

20 Square Miles Orlando, Florida, USA

4:  Orlando International Airport

26 Square Miles Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas, USA

3:Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport

3:Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport

53 Square Miles Denver, Colorado, USA

2:  Denver International Airport

299 Square Miles Dammam, Saudi Arabia

1: King Fahd International Airport