“The main facts in human life are five: birth, food, sleep, love and death”, goes the most famous saying about human life. Undoubtedly, food stands as one of the most essential aspects for our survival. While there are multiple companies in the market poised in the agrochemical industry, Utkarsh stands tall amidst the crowd as a leading Agriculture and Horticulture solution and technology provider in the South Gujarat region. The company’s core vision has always been to make human life on earth eternal through its products and services! Breathing this core vision, it has been developing innovative, result-oriented and completely non-poisonous products for horticulture and agriculture that help plants and trees grow, and make soil and environment healthier.

Quality at its Best

Sameer Allawadi, Director

Sameer Allawadi, Managing Director, Utkarsh, adds, “We live by the fundamental rule – If you want to grow consistently, you should make quality products only”. Some of Utkarsh’s best-selling products include Huminoz, Trichoz, Utkarsh NPK 19.19.19, Combi -2, Beveroz, and Bio Clean. Bio Clean Sweep, Fungfree, Stress Free, Bhim Plus, Horse Power, Roots Multiplier, F-Enhancer, Double Combi, Microbes, TermiNIL, Drip Saaf, and Thripoz outclass as some of its unique products. These formulations replace 2-5 products that need to be used to get the similar results.

All Utkarsh’s products are cost-effective and competitively priced as it sells its products directly to the end users and also through its dealers’ network that are mainly retailers, with no middlemen involved. Sameer asserts, “We always wanted to explain about our products to new customers only once. Repeat order must come from the results and benefits customers get after using the product. With this point in mind, we made only the best quality products and wanted our products to speak for itself”.

During the start of manufacturing, Utkarsh established only offline dealer networks to sell its products. But due to high credit period and non-payments by dealers, the company disconnected the network during COVID-19 pandemic. Post this, the company established network with dealers throughout India who were ready to buy with advance payments. These dealers were obtained through digital marketing and inquiries from Indiamart. Also, many importers contacted them through their website, and Utkarsh is now their preferred supplier.

The Go-To Solution Provider!

Toda, every individual is in the lookout for people or organizations that can authentically solve their problems and make their lives easy and better with no stress. Utkarsh is one-such solution provider to the problems faced by farmers and gardeners through right and research-oriented technical guidance and easy-to-use products. The company extends its guidance to every person who approaches them through calls, personal contact, online questions, videos on various platforms like WhatsApp, Facebook, YouTube, Google, Amazon and many more. Its team is always ready to solve their problems and provide necessary solutions, completely free of cost. Moreover, the company is also continuously adding content, opening mediums to reach maximum people, and adding products to solve problems, thereby achieving all of this without adding any poison to the Mother Earth.

Utkarsh is a system oriented, and process run company where all important and routine operations are documented. Everyone is clear about what and when to do! Every team member adheres to the core values of Utkarsh which are responsibility, commitment, continuous learning & improvement and achieving excellence. Sameer articulates, “I have always followed these values and it is clearly communicated that a person who believes these values should only join and continue with our company. I have always led my team with examples”.

No wonder, Utkarsh has a vast and happy client base! One such happy client is Nageshwar Rao from Andhra Pradesh who purchased a complete watermelon farming kit from Utkarsh for 10 acres and practiced his conventional methods for the remaining 10 acres. He got 18 tons of production per acre across the first 10 acres of land where the company’s products were used and got 12 tons of production on the other 10 acres of land. Pricing those watermelons at Rs.15/kg, he earned more than Rs.60,000 per acre following Utkarsh’s advice and using their products. Clearly, it is all about profit, results, timely advice, and good quality products at the right price that motivate clients to regularly seek Utkarsh’s services.

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Future Goals

Currently, Utkarsh is the major provider of biological pesticides and bio-fertilizers along with specialty fertilizers that are required by farmers in small quantities. Yet, the market of this range of products is too small to be compared with the chemical pesticides and bulk-chemical fertilisers market. Currently, the company’s focus is on increasing market share and expanding the market as the world is moving towards greener and sustainable technologies for agriculture and farming.

For the road ahead, Utkarsh envisions making farmers prosperous and the world a liveable place, fully green and with easily available oxygen. To achieve this, the company is gearing itself to remain as a research-oriented company bringing simple green solutions to make lives of people better. Sameer concludes, “In the last 23 years, we have always focused on developing natural, organic, biological, eco-friendly, sustainable products and technologies and would continue to do so in the coming future too”.