Upholding a massive expansion-

Uptake empowers one's workforce to turn underutilized data into insights that optimize asset- and process-intensive operations. Its software products are purpose-built for industrial processes and combine advanced analytics with a deep understanding of real-world applications to solve problems in asset-heavy industries worldwide. Uptake helps companies translate underutilized data into insights that make industrial operations even smarter.

Brad Keywell, CEO of Uptake

Uptake promises to deliver real-time insights from your PP&E put in the context of deep industrial intelligence, delivered in an ultra-simple UI, so one can make better business decisions that translate to a healthier bottom line. Uptake is purpose-built for heavy industry, and the products are simpler to use, easier to scale, and faster to return value than standard AI/ML solutions.

The much-hyped US-based industrial analytics start-up Uptake started off 2018 with momentum from a November 2017 investment of $117M that valued the company at $2.3B. In April 2018, Uptake acquired Asset Performance Technologies (APT), a SaaS company that provides failure mode information for 800+ industrial asset types. Uptake planned on using the APT database to enhance its predictive maintenance solutions and accelerate its growth, but by the end of 2018, the development had yet to materialize. Despite its struggles, Uptake has secured a number of name-brand customers (including Rolls-Royce and Caterpillar). Uptake's veteran leadership team of former GE executives will look to turn Uptake around in 2019 and avoid following in GE's footsteps.

Providing Services with Assurance-

Uptake assures confidence in repeatable and forecastable revenue targets with the knowledge that assets are going to perform as expected and planned. It has Rapidly reduced operational risk with comprehensive diagnostics and recommendations. Also, it Ensures worker safety by improving asset reliability in your critical infrastructure. It reduces environmental impact by optimizing performance through fuel efficiency and preventing catastrophic asset failures through predictive analysis. They optimize maintenance costs by minimizing unexpected expenses from unplanned outages and downtime. Uptake provides intelligence and insight based on existing data to maximize the return on asset investment—the company collecting specific, precise metrics to simplify regulatory reporting compliance.

Faster cost analysis for both production and maintenance through a centralized cost centre. The shortest time for helpful information to be extracted from operational data and be available for a wide array of stakeholders. Uptake has much faster deployment unlocked by Uptake's pre-trained predictive models. It has maximized value by bringing all of your data sources together in one easy-to-access location to ensure institutional knowledge sharing across your business—Uptake's easy integration with existing data and workflows to realize value quickly through optimized connectivity. Uptake delivers operational excellence through digital transformation and has confidence in your long-term strategic and capital planning, knowing that you are using the best software with the fastest time to value.