Much more than branding ideas, innovation in process, and skillful execution, there is an 'X factor' that makes a brand satisfy the customers from the inside of the heart, which is sometimes tough to measure and often hard to find. This X factor; precisely, the customer ‘EXPERIENCE’ factor is perfectly embraced by Tryaksi International - a trusted brand that manufactures high-quality chrome-free and full chrome finished Leather.

(L-R) Pawan Vishal - Founder & Director, Chaman Singh - Founder & Director

The company is built on the foundations of premium quality, consistency, and commitment to service. It is driven by the mission “Commit what you can do and do what you  commit”. And today, it has evolved as an eminent player by creating and incorporating environment-friendly measures and best practices into its leather manufacturing process. 

The Inception

“After spending almost two decades in the leather industry, we decided to start our own manufacturing unit to play a role of a fast boat amongst large ships of the industry. Our power boat model gives us the advantage of manoeuvrability with pace for deliveries, and the capability to adapt to changing dynamics. i.e., the requirement for our esteemed customers. The motive is to deliver our USPs and achieve delightful customer service experience,” shares the founders, Chaman Singh and Pawan Vishal. 

Starting with footmark in 2018, the company has today reached a monthly capacity to produce 1 million sq.ft of finished leather. “Our portfolio is suitable for Europe, USA, Vietnam and China, while we are exporting to Germany, Spain, UK, and fulfilling the requirement of India as well. We have started our manufacturing in Rajasthan because it is a rich resource of Sheep and Goats but there is no finished leather manufacturing unit for Shoe uppers,” they remarked.

The Silver Lining

Tryaksi International has gained its reputation for manufacturing high-quality aniline grain leather with an elegant touch and feel that maintained original character of the leather. The company primarily manufactures Sheep and Goat finished leather for footwear and leather goods. The different choice of raw materials and unique processes used while tanning enable them to offer an extremely wide range while meeting the requirements of any market sector.

“Our end customers are mostly Brands that face fierce competition and deal with a fast-changing fashion cycle. Brands are looking for reliant & committed suppliers for their fashion leather needs. This is where we wanted to play a positive & constructive role in facilitating and taking the worries of our end customers. We reiterate our motto, “Commit what you can do and do what you commit.” These lines are imbibed in our DNA and it is going to be a key to our success to gain a respectful position among our customers, supplier & stakeholders,” they assured.

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The Bright Future

While Tryaksi’s ultimate vision is to be a trusted, sustainable and economically viable player in the industry; the firm’s immediate goal is to increase production by 25-30 per cent and create more employment in these difficult times when companies are forced to reduce their workforce. “As a short-term goal, we are in process of developing STP ‘Short tanning process’ to reduce production cycle time by minimum 25-30% to give faster deliveries to customers and long terms goal is to achieve at least 50 Cr turnover in the next 5 years,” they mentioned.

They further added, “By 2024, we will reach the customers of Indonesia, Taiwan, South Korea and Japan. Over the years, we have built our business with determination, considering key environmental and social aspects, which are necessary for sustainable development, through a significant and aimed process to reduce water consumption in the process, treat 100% discharged water, use more environmental-friendly chemicals and plant more tree. In 2023, we are installing solar panels to generate green energy and reduce energy cost.

After facing the Covid thump and impediments of the Russia-Ukraine war conflict, which has considerably impacted the world’s supply chain & flow of business, Tryaksi is scaling its capability & capacity by joining hands with business partners, and working to reduce product manufacturing cost to keep the prices at market level.

The motto “Commit what you can do and do what you commit” is imbibed in our DNA and it is going to be a key to our success to gain a respectful position among our customers, supplier & stakeholders