The home decor 2023 trends are all about happy hues, comfort, authentic expression, and creating an inspiring canvas for daily life. With unprecedented changes occupying the past few years, 2023 home decor is expected to take on an optimistic turn filled with vibrant colours and sustainable decor, all the while maintaining an affinity for nature-inspired textures and accessories. People are now craving warmth and character in home decor. The personality-driven decor is sweeping across Indian homes, mixed with natural elements, thus creating cozy homes and adding plenty of character. Here are some trending decor ideas for 2023 from Ar. Nikita Bajaj Pathak, Founder at Design 21, to implement in your homes.

  • Return of Colours

After the past few years of non-stop neutrals, in 2023, we will see a return of colour in home decor, paint colours, and bedding. A pop of colour tends to add contrast and dimension to all white spaces so as not to feel clinical. People are opting for warm chestnut or saturated lived-in colour in terms of decor and soft furnishings, including pillows and rugs, to add elements of comfort and dimension. The introduction of happy, mood-boosting hues in home interiors is expected in the upcoming year, as seen in Pantone’s Color of the Year 2023, Viva Magenta. The stone-toned neutrals in the home are gone, and brighter colours are expected to be favoured as a pick-me-up for the new year. Though pastel tones such as pinks continue to trend in 2023, interior styles will embrace more calming and moody tones, like deep blues, emerald greens, warm oranges, and reds.

  • Vintage Inspired Decor

The penchant for master craftsmanship has increased in 2023, which is driven by a desire for personal expression in decor. People prefer to incorporate unique pieces, heirlooms, or thrifted handicrafts into their spaces, which aids in finding and owning a personal style, especially in interiors. The burgeoning interest in reused and vintage furniture is a hopeful shift. Mixing up the old and new styles, such as vintage wooden furniture with a recycled stone surface or vintage seating recovered in modern printed fabrics, is here to stay on trend. Vintage-inspired floral wallpaper also adorns the bedrooms, lending a sense of warmth.

  • Hints of Metals

A touch of metals in furnishings and decor is a great way to add an exciting and contemporary look to the home. In 2023, designers and homeowners will embrace a combination of metal finishes for fixtures and hardware. Whether your home is designed with chic modern aesthetics or a timeless classic look, mixing metals can add visual interest to the spaces and is a look that will last through the years. It has now become a common trend to mix and match brass finishes, not only in the living and dining but throughout the home, on surfaces like doorknobs, curtain rods, light fixtures, and more.

  • Biophilia Reconfigured

The past few years saw as many interior greenery elements as possible, from nature-inspired patterns to statement plants. The affinity towards nature still runs deep but is morphing into various forms in 2023. Though biophilia is still essential, this year’s trends are less inspired by lush nature but instead celebrate landscape paintings, mineral shades, mossy greens, and raw, unfinished textures. It has also given rise to an exhilarating new material palette, with natural and recycled materials dominating the homes. Integrating biodegradable materials in furniture and decor is a reconfigured biophilic trend.

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