When it comes to Mediterranean decor, lived-in meets pleasures, vibrant colours meet pure neutrals, and rustic meets extravagance. Here's how to incorporate Mediterranean elements into your modern home.


The Mediterranean style is warm, character-filled, and timeless. It has roots in nations bordering the Mediterranean Sea, like Spain, Greece, Italy, and Morocco. Each geographic region has a unique speciality. Greece is awash with turquoise and cobalt blue accents, while Morocco is known for its rich textures and elaborate wood carvings. Beautiful terra-cotta floors and tile craftsmanship are the highlights of Spain. These components combine to create distinctive characteristics that characterise Mediterranean homes, including textured walls, natural materials like stone and wood, lively textiles, and rustic furnishings.

Smriti Raheja Sawhney of DesignEx is taking you to the land of the sun and sea, whether you want to embrace the sun-soaked charm of Mediterranean design in your abode or are simply interested in admiring a stunning project in this oceanic style.


Mediterranean-style homes choose a neutral colour scheme all across the region. Textured white walls synchronise with natural wood to create a warm, appealing ambience. Colour can be added to the space through rich textiles and tilework, or it can be kept simple with rustic yet exquisite furnishings. You can add rich colour strokes of your favourite Mediterranean hues to this fresh and effortless palette. Consider earthy yellows or deep blues that evoke the glistening Mediterranean Sea or the scorching Mediterranean sun. Maintain white as the primary colour and introduce colour with accent walls or décor elements.


The aesthetic of Mediterranean interiors is perfectly captured by patterned tile. Tile adds colour and texture to the space by being applied on floors, walls, and staircases. Mixing and matching various patterns is quite favourable. A Mediterranean style appreciates a vibrant amalgamation of variation.


Exposed wood is a common feature of Mediterranean interiors and decor. Whether it's a ceiling left to shine naturally and age with time or remarkably beautiful home decor elements like coffee tables, bowls, vessels, stools, or side tables that are subsequently installed in the interior to enhance those Mediterranean easy-breezy experiences.


Mediterranean-style furniture spans from essentially functional to formal, rustic and weathered to intricately carved and detailed. Furniture often has short, ornately twisted legs and feet and relies significantly on wooden components. Hardware is often robust and burnished or wrought iron.


Use the accessories to introduce complementary Mediterranean tones, from brilliantly coloured glass vases to ceramic clay vessels. Experiment with a colour scheme that expresses the best of the Mediterranean itself, including deep blues, earthy terracottas, browns, greens, and sunny yellows that are enhanced with materials such as copper and gold. Embrace your maximalist side with intricate metalwork, embroidered textiles, or masterfully carved wood furniture. Layer carpets and pillows, track down lavish handcrafted or antique accessories with filigree, and add light fixtures with a vintage flair.


Tactile allure is essential in fostering a warm, contextualised space, which is an important aspect of Mediterranean architecture anchored in history. Develop the impression with weathered woods, stonework, and painted-over finishes. To create a sense of depth, plaster or sand-textured walls are frequently hand-rubbed with multiple coats of paint and glaze.


Mediterranean colours range across the colour wheel, but they are inspired by nature. The style features warm, earthy colours like terra cotta, ochre, burnt umber, and chestnut as well as hues that evoke the ocean and sky, notably cerulean, azure, deep purple, and seafoam green.

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Beautiful vistas often surround Mediterranean homes. An important facet is to bring the outdoors indoors. The ideal approach to bring a little of the outside into your Mediterranean home is to add some perennially in-vogue indoor plants in both large-scale and small-scale alternatives.

Having discovered all of the shared expertise, you can now bring the Mediterranean style straight into your home for everyone to enjoy. We all want a life and a home that exudes simplicity and a pleasant lifestyle - with a slower pace that is more in sync with nature.