Shashank Jha, Director.

India is home to an immense variety of climatic regions, ranging from tropical monsoon in the south to temperate & alpine in the north, and humid in the east to arid in the west. Being a region prone to unprecedented heat, sudden rainfall, cyclones, and floods, every now and then, the trouble of water leakage is not restricted to the rainy season. On the other hand, the country is witnessing a rise in infrastructure, which means the country will see a huge surge in waterproofing; at large, weatherproofing segment too – giving a whole new competitive environment and opportunities like never before. Owing to the numerous milestones and stellar growth of the industry, a few futuristic companies in the industry are revamping themselves in pace with the market growth, technology advancements, consumer demands, and environmental requirements. TRAILBLAZER Incorporation is one such brand that has been running ahead triumphantly by comprehending & adapting to all kinds of progress related to product, price, process, or en­vironment.

Founded in 2014, in Nagpur, TRAILBLAZER is the most trusted weatherproofing brand across Central India. It is an innovative idea converted into reality and a professionally managed company in the field of weatherproofing and speciality flooring solutions for the construction industry. “Our vision is to be the leading solutions provider in India by offering the best of services and not only being financially profitable but extremely rewarding in all the other positive results we create for the customers, stakeholders and employees,” remarks Shashank Jha, Director.

A Step Ahead

TRAILBLAZER Incorporation has successfully introduced and implemented weatherproofing solutions which are both environment-friendly and cost-friendly. The company’s solutions help in protecting every possible substrate in the construction industry used in exteriors from the ill effects of weather. "Everyone is aware of how badly rains can affect the constructions, but many don’t know about the ill effects caused by extreme cold and hot weather. It can lead to expansion and contraction in structure, ultimately causing cracks and breaks in walls and structures. And our innovative applications are capable of handling all these issues in a very effective and cost-friendly way." he adds, "We provide complete solutions with professional systems for waterproofing/ weatherproofing along with the material and the application under one roof which enables us to take the complete responsibility of the project. All our systems are based on the formulations provided by our principals from Germany and all our products adhere to the ASTM standards. All our systems/ applications are based on Green construction and try to put a minimal load on the structures and the infrastructure.

The Flagship

The product HEATBLAZER by the company is a pioneering solution in the insulation application for the construction industry.

“Heating & Cooling account for 50-70% of the total energy used in a typical establishment. The roof of buildings receives the maximum (70%) amount of radiant heat and allows large quantities of heat to enter the building ultimately resulting in increased temperature inside the building and higher energy costs. This is where our product HEATBLAZER comes into the picture. It is an advanced chemical technology product manufactured by a combination of polymer, plasticizers, a combination of light fast & weather durable coloured pigment, properly graded selective reinforcing filler, European thermal nonconductive microcell material and a wide range of performance additives. On application, it forms a waterproof elastomeric seal in the form of a monolithic uniform coat that provides protection from ultraviolet & Infrared rays, ageing and normal weathering. It reflects heat as well as it does not allow heat flux transmission. It reduces building maintenance costs as well as saves air conditioning energy. We provide solutions to such problems and it is the results which make us a stand-apart company in this sector,” he shares.

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A League of Its Own

In the last 8 years, the company has successfully covered thousands of projects, installed heat insulation in millions of square-ft of area, provided waterproofing services to numerous projects like hotels, hospitals, institutions and high-end bungalows, and has successfully contributed to major energy-saving across all sectors. Proudly, TRAILBLAZER has provided our services to a well-known ‘Defence’ company in India. 

As a responsible company, it has never failed to evolve through customer experiences and has always come up with better and better solutions to various problems. 

Throughout the journey, it has enhanced its technology to make the heat solutions better. And, successfully created a strong customer base by establishing well-defined customer-company dynamics. "Our strong suits include providing top-notch customer service, maintaining absolute transparency, and introspecting and addressing each of our customer’s feedback and reviews. We always motivate our team members to come up with new ideas and innovations. We don’t just acknowledge new ideas; we work on them! We provide our employees with adequate time and space to innovate and work on ideas." he highlighted by further stating, "

In the near future, we are planning to expand our network and establish our services across 6 states in India. Our long-term aim is to be the dominant solutions provider in India by offering the best of services and not only being financially profitable but extremely rewarding for the customers, stakeholders and employees."