Society has put all kinds of pressures, boundaries, and norms around women. From the time of her birth, a woman’s future, desires, and wishes are all decided, not by her, but by others. Whether she is a daughter or a wife or a mother, a woman is restricted within a limited boundary.

But women have always emerged victorious. With her indomitable spirit and courage, putting a stop to a woman’s dream is impossible. If she is determined, she will get what she wants. Today, women have come a long way. From being successful entrepreneurs to handling the work-life balance just the right way, women are setting an example every single day.

However, the path to success is not an easy one for women, especially if they are a mother. With motherhood, every mother embarks on a new journey of her life. While it brings immense joy to a mother holding the little fingers in her hand, it comes with a lot of responsibilities. Our societal structure has made motherhood the one and only aim of every woman where she is expected to give up her dreams and only focus on taking care of the child.

But times have changed and nowadays mothers are not abandoning their dreams and desires. Rather, they are embracing motherhood along with their aim of achieving their goals. Yamini Jain is one such pathbreaking woman today who has broken all the norms and is guiding the new generation of women toward the right path. A journey that started during the pandemic as a hobby soon turned out to be the biggest milestone in her career.

With her solid grip on social media and digital marketing and her experience and expertise from her previous works, Yamini founded Neonberry Media, a public relations agency, her brainchild. Being one of the top influencers in the country, she faced a lot of struggles during her initial days. While a huge section of people showered her with love and blessings, many criticized her for starting a business and being a new mom.

Today, her firm has a vast clientele and helps brands to create the right identity for themselves. And this could not be achieved without Yamini’s relentless effort, dedication, and sheer hard work. A mompreneur in all its truest sense, her efforts and zeal have shown that a woman can be a good mother as well as an ambitious person.

An inspiration to all new moms who have been forced to think that sacrificing is the only way to be a good mother, learn from the mompreneur herself on how you too can start your own business.

Here are a few tips & tricks that may help you in becoming your own boss

●       Clear Objective

Having a clear vision is key to any successful business. Your objective should be extremely clear and focused. When you know what you want to achieve through your business, it helps to keep you on track. The first step of any business is to have a clear vision that will be guiding the yardstick throughout the business. It not only helps you to set goals but also helps your teammates to work towards the same goal which will fetch better and quicker results. Since you have a baby to take care of, an objective will aid in keeping your mind and goal focused.

●       Be prepared to multitask

Moms are no less than superwomen. So, be ready to don the hat of a multitasker while you are handling your business and a baby. It is not going to be a cakewalk for a mom who has to look after the baby as well as supervise the business. There will be difficult days when you are pitching to your client with your baby sleeping on your lap. Things can get complicated and even seem impossible on such days, but be brave and have faith in yourself.

●       Time management is key

There is no such thing called “free time” for a mompreneur. So, if you think you will sit for a relaxing cup of tea in the morning and then start your day, you are wasting your own time. Rather, make sure to kickstart your day with the important tasks, like, updating the client, making a to-do list, and delegating work. Also, utilize times like when your baby is taking a nap or spending time with her father.

●       Stress is an evil

Stress will be your sole companion when you are trying to strike the perfect balance with your new life and career. But being stressed will worsen the situation. So, be patient and have a calm mind. As a mompreneur, you would have to make a lot of decisions for your company as well as for the wellbeing of your baby. So, it is extremely important to keep stress at bay. Try to always engage yourself in positive thoughts and take every challenge as a baby step.

●       Self-care is necessary

Finding time for yourself can be the biggest challenge in motherhood while handling your own company. But this is an important aspect for every mother. With so much societal, and familial pressure, women forget to take out even fifteen for themselves. But even a brief “me-time” can significantly contribute to your growth and help you become a better mom and a person. Read a book, write down your thoughts, meditate or go for a walk, there are ample ways to spend some time with yourself. It helps to think better and clears the clutter from the mind preparing you for a fresh day tomorrow.

Letting go of your dreams can seem like an easy way out. But sticking to them, and working hard to achieve them is the biggest reward you can give yourself. Motherhood is not an end to your aspirations and ambitions. It is an added feather to your existing crown taking you forward to make your wish a reality.

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About Author

An engineer turned Social Media influencer, she holds an experience from Ernst & Young. Yamini Jain then became a marketing head with Influence Technolabs where she gained considerable insights on branding and reaching the right target audiences. Post her marriage in 2019, Yamini took in her experience as a marketing head and started with food blogging, thereafter shifting to couple blogging seeing the success of her page in 2021.

Today, her Instagram page holds about 215k followers and she’s regarded as one of the top content creators by Meta who has signed her up as a partner. Yamini has been successfully running her Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube Pages with its monthly reach touching up to 30 million accounts. She has also been recently regarded as one of the Top 10 Mom Influencers in India by Scoop whoop.

She aims to provide a wide array of visual and audible experiences with relatable content that further enhances the way one perceives the matter.  The success of the brand is fairly visible on notable platforms such as being documented on Humans of Bombay, Scoop whoop, Hindustan times, Dainik Jagran, and Ndtv. She has also been featured on SheThePeople Tv, and The CEO Magazine, and has been demarcated as one of India’s 5 Most Inspiring Instagram influencers by The Indian Achievers Club. Some of the brands she has collaborated with are Johnson’s, Philips, Facebook, First Cry and many more.

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