Running a design studio is no child’s play, and even though the experience is important, it is essential to know some basic know-how on how to handle your own business. With several other designers and creative folk, your studio needs to be appropriately managed to be successful in nature. There is a lot that goes into running a successful business apart from just the entrepreneurial spirit of gung-ho. While it is crucial not to let the motivation fade away, there is a method to the madness in the wake of the zestful optimism.

To ensure the running of a successful design business, Cityspace’ 82 Architects emphasizes the following factors, culminated through years of being an integral part of the architectural industry:

  1. Increase Visibility

If you are lucky enough to get referrals and a wider reach with the help of word of mouth, then you are incredibly fortunate, but since luck isn’t very dependable in the long run, you need to establish yourself and make your presence felt in the industry. You have to approach clients and build contacts to let them know about your existence. Simply focusing on producing quality work is not enough, maintaining public relations is equally important to create opportunities and attract clients in order to grow your business. Visibility can be built with the help of optimization of social media. Another great asset that a budding design firm has in the age of technology is to create a navigable and easy-to-use website that comprehensively lists all the services that you offer.

  1. Specialize to make oneself indispensable

Ar. Sumit Dhawan believes that developing a particular area of expertise and marketing oneself as a specialist goes a long way as clients tend to gravitate towards such a company that specializes in their field of work as opposed to a general company providing a wide range of services and products. For instance, Cityspace’ 82 Architects experts in the Residential Design Sector.

  1. Learn to use Social Media effectively

Social media plays a significant role in increasing the spread and reach of a company. When applied effectively, social media strategies can multiply the list of potential clients by building a robust digital presence, thereby helping the business grow in manifolds. Planning is one of the most important steps one needs to perfect before diving head-first into the world of social media. If planned perfectly, this schedule can surely help you strategize and create content to post online. What the industry insiders do not tell you is that there goes in a lot of trial and error when posting on social media. You need to experiment with various formats and timings before you find your niche and audience. Hashtags and taking part in trends can be an attractive way to delve deeper into the world of social media.

4. Put your best foot forward, every time!

One of the most significant errors one can commit is treating some projects as “fillers” or as less necessary as compared to bigger projects. While landing a prestigious client is essential and can look amazing on your resume, a novice in the field of design needs to put their best foot forward at all given times - this is a surefire route to success. Who knows, a “filler” project can turn out to be your best-known work or is loved by so many that it indeed finds itself at the top of the resume. The design community is notoriously small and works by word of mouth, so one project poorly done is one step closer to having a poor reputation.

5. Develop a value-based pricing strategy

Before pitching to any given client, it is a smart move to have an ironclad contract in place. A contract helps you clear any confusion or misunderstandings and build a great working relationship based on honesty and truth. This contract needs to detail out your prices, overtime fees, and payment terms so that the client knows exactly what you need from them. Base your pricing on ongoing rates in the field, and don’t hesitate to add an extra fee if you specialize in a particular area. A transparent business relationship is often the best business relationship.

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6. Enjoy themselves

Last but not least, you have to remember why you started the business in the first place and prioritize joy because a good state of mind is directly proportional to a high quality of work.Following the above propositions has helped Cityspace’ 82 Architects build a remarkable presence in the design industry and beyond.

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Recognized for an eclectic façade design ability, Ar. Sumit Dhawan has been working in diverse typologies, including commercial, residential, and educational design sectors with the finest brands worldwide like M3M Group, Vi John Group, Bestech, Unity Group, etc. His aesthetic sensibility has found his way to renowned celebrity homes of cricketer Yuvraj Singh and Gautam Gambhir.

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