“Productize yourself.”
– Naval Ravikant

Being a full-stack data scientist is not easy, nor is finding a firm that delivers full-stack data science and AI capabilities, and is committed to productizing its knowledge at scale. Yet, standing tall amidst the crowd is Think360.ai, with market leading products, solutions and advisory services.

Think360’s vision of “Accelerating Intelligent Transformation” builds on the three pillars of their core value proposition – Accelerated time to market, Intelligent solutions and frameworks, and Transformative outcomes.

Amit Das, CEO & Co-Founder

Over the last 8 years, Think360.ai has partnered with 70+ clients, at the intersection of data, algorithms, technology and business to solve their most complex problems. They provide outcome driving SaaS products and bespoke analytics and technology consulting services for BFSI, Pharma, Logistics, Oil and Gas and Retail industries, ranging from custom analytics solutions, ML scorecards and credit policy development, data lakes, anomaly detection models, demand forecasting, market prioritization, and more.

Given this 360-degree view of the industry and AI landscape, they have been focused on picking high complexity - high value problems that bring value to their clients, and exploring cutting-edge technologies, advanced analytics and AI/ML capabilities, to sync with evolving customer expectations.

Their work spans across bringing newer and interesting data assets to clients, building sophisticated statistical and predictive models, and helping clients extract value out of these models and data through modern application development, APIs, and IaaS solutions - and this is why they call themselves a full-stack data science and AI firm.

Think360.ai was set up in 2014, when the founders Amit Das and Suryadip Ghoshal felt that the convergence of data, algorithms, technology and business design will drive the evolution and adoption of artificial intelligence and data science in the coming decades. With time, the team has evolved to sharpen their focus on the modern financial services industry and the need for financial inclusion and modernization, with their flagship products Algo360, Kwik.ID and FlowXpert.

Algo360 stands as the largest AI Credit Score and data enrichment solution in India - built on alternate data - that partners with Banks, NBFCs, Fintechs, and other organisations to understand the creditworthiness of New to Credit (NTC) and self-employed customers, and enables them to get access to formal credit. Kwik.ID is the first-ever fully compliant AI-based Digital and Video KYC and customer onboarding solution for banks, NBFCs, fintechs, e-wallets, and more.

Kwik.ID has enabled registered entities to complete video-based customer identification processes in less than 2 minutes, with the highest completion rate of 85%, that works seamlessly in low connectivity areas, thereby enabling faster and better financial access and digitization across the country.

Their recently launched low-code solution, FlowXpert, offers API management, workflow design, and partner management, which is helping financial institutions cut down the cycle time for partner onboarding by more than 70%.

These products along with analytics and data science consulting services, and 20+ accelerators and enablers, are used by 70+ institutions across India and US. Their clients include Bank of Baroda, IDFC First Bank, ICICI Home Finance, Aditya Birla Capital, Navi, Bharatpe, Avanir Pharma, Bajaj Capital, Fino Payments Bank, and many more.

Value-Centric Approach

When asked about what a client means to Think360.ai, Amit Das, CEO & Co-Founder, Think360.ai, adds, “A client is a partner who can depend on us or trust us to solve their problems not just in one micro-aspect- but in totality”.

Besides Amit, a veteran leader across multiple analytics organizations with 18+ years’ experience, and Suryadip (Chief Analytics Officer), an analytics expert across multiple industries with 15+ years’ experience, Ajay Solanki (CTO, with multiple patents in his name), Sarin Suares (CFO,  veteran with cross-border M&A experiences), Anupam Chandra (20+ years of innovation and operational excellence), Neha Swetambari (risk and FS industry veteran), and Radhika Shah (sales leader for 20+ years) bring-in significant collective expertise to the table.

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Future Roadmap

The amount of data that organizations have access to is growing at a tremendous rate, and they will be needing support from companies like Think360.ai to derive value out of these data investments. Think360.ai hopes to increase its footprint to 200+ clients in the next 18 months, and their eventual goal is to power a billion business outcomes!

One of the most significant growth initiatives at Think360.ai is its investments as an Analytics TSP (Technology Solutions Provider) under the account aggregator framework, open credit enablement network, ONDC and modern risk assessment for its clients. Amit concludes, “We are building an industry-first modular onboarding stack in order to bring new innovations for our clients. Our financial services clients in India will be able to experiment with a democratized platform that is not designed to lock them in, but to enable a culture of AI-led experimentation. We want to make intelligent insights a front office capability for all our clients.”