All growing economies are digital, connected and networked. It’s a fact that modern businesses are more dependent on the network (or the Internet) than even electricity. Employee productivity is directly proportional to the quality of network available at a business location. In such a time as this, even governments realize that all citizen services can be provided via an online application, rather than traditional government offices. Everything is online, everything is digital. It’s the 21st century, and the age of the data network.

Even from a national security perspective, it is becoming more important to protect the cyberspace of a nation, than the physical space of land, sea and air. Attacking the internet infrastructure of a nation can cripple more services and resources, than a conventional attack. Imagine a cyber breach of a nation’s electricity smart grid during a winter and taking out the entire city’s heating supply. This is not science fiction, but a reality today.

In such a time as this, it is commendable that the Government of India, is strongly supporting home grown technology companies in the field of data communications. The Department of Telecommunications has created clear guidelines and procedures to support the procurement of Indian products over others. This has been the dream for a long time but is becoming a reality now in India. Companies like ours – Lavelle Networks, are becoming strong players in the field of data networking and telecommunications, with our strong software and hardware solutions, enabling our nation’s businesses and government services to expand their network footprint with confidence.

In 2019 – we competed with the help of the “Make In India” program in one of the largest banking RFPs for SD-WAN, and due to the transparent process at this bank, we proved our technology to be world class, and won the largest SD-WAN network in Asia as a result. How can a 5-yr old startup claim such success without the strong support of “Make In India”? Today this is a successful network rollout on cutting edge technology at economical costs which enables this bank to provide digital services in the remote parts of our nation. Yes, Make In India, is here to stay and is winning.

Today India has security, wireless, cellular product companies which are competing with world class players and winning on the strategic support of the “Make In India’ platform. This enables such young companies to rapidly drive market adoption and grow fast compared to incumbent foreign companies. Where a company from overseas might sell obsolete or ill-fitted technology at unreasonable costs due to no alternatives available in India, today that is not the case. Today Indian companies like Lavelle Networks are enabling an ecosystem that is providing world class technology at the right TCO to Indian customers. We don’t have to wait for years for new technology like SD-WAN to arrive at our doorstep. We are able to build and ship such products at the same time as the rest of the world.

Startups are the new normal. Small nimble companies that can create solutions faster than anyone else are winning business, customers and the trust of the economy and the nation. Size of a company doesn’t matter; the quality of the solution is all that matters. Our customers no longer wonder about the size of our business or our age as a company, our customers know that government of India is strongly backing successful technology startups like ours to grow and succeed in the huge home market.

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India is home to more than 1000 large enterprises, more than 100,000 mid-size enterprises, and millions of MSMEs. The demand for networking technology is huge, and the market size is in thousands of crores. It is a true empowerment that the “Make In India’ movement provides equal opportunity to companies like our to provide solutions to this huge market at home.

Data networking is critical to the success of the economy, the government, and the cybersecurity of our nation. Startups can provide cutting edge solutions to improve network performance, uptime, security and availability through platforms like our ScaleAOn SD-WAN. Connecting thousands of business locations, established in every Indian state and Union territory, and having won the largest SD-WAN network in India from 2017 – 2020, we at Lavelle Networks, are poised to be the biggest startup success in “Make in India”.