During the pandemic, people have turned their gaze indoors. By this, we mean that folks have started to understand the importance of their private spaces. Your home has to be a reflection of who you are as a person, but at the same time, it also has to be a place that is considered your safe haven. The KariGhars, an uber-luxe interior design firm based in Bangalore, shed some light on the rising trend of putting a greater emphasis on your home. The lockdown has been difficult for all of us, but a direct consequence of the lockdown has been the rise in importance given to homes and the comfort level associated with it. All the projects talked about in this article have been constructed during the pandemic by The KariGhars.

Villa 32, or Prestige Lakeside Habitat, is one of the projects undertaken by the firm, which places a lot of importance on the value of having a cozy yet luxurious space for the family to spend their lockdown in. This house has been carefully built, with attention given to details from the dazzling ceilings to the automated kitchen and living room to the serene garden with a koi fish pond. Everything a family could ever want or hope for in an ideal home has been given in this space, where they can be the best versions of themselves. Abhishek Chadha, the Co-Founder and Principal Designer of The KariGhars, strongly believes in the power of transformative spaces. Any space that has the power to move you while making you feel welcome, is the vibe they have been able to perfectly capture through all the homes they have built. However, the pandemic did make things challenging for them, says Abhishek. But with the help of a dedicated team and tenacious suppliers, the firm was able to overcome the challenges.

The KariGhars have yet again weaved their special brand of magic on another one of their opulent projects, aptly named “The Blooming Casa.” This house has not conformed to the conventional idea of luxury as the client called for an amalgamation of contemporary and traditional home styles. Nonetheless, this house has blossomed into the brainchild of the principal designers and the client through a beautiful and masterful use of materials like marble, metal, and lighting elements. Catering to every need the resident might have, this home boasts of a serene landscape, using skillful techniques like symmetry, smart illumination, and automation. One of the best parts about this house is that it is centred on the principles of sustainability as it is built such that it can capitalize on natural light. Local artisans have been employed to decorate the house, making it very easy to carry out during a pandemic as shipping costs are slashed drastically. Again, Abhishek is of the opinion that with the help of seamless and integrated design input, the output that leads to the creation of such a house during the pandemic gets marginally easier. At the same time, Abhishek is also acutely aware of the fact that the needs and demands made by the client will reign supreme and will significantly influence how the course of the house’s construction will occur.

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Adamant about delivering the epitome of luxury, The KariGhars have done a stunning job of consistently delivering on their promises of creating bespoke homes for their clients. Even the behemoth of a pandemic has not been able to stop the force that the KariGhars work with.

About Author

Since its inception in 2009, ‘The KariGhars’ has revolutionized ordinary houses in Bangalore into warm & luxurious homes. With their efficient layouts, uplifting color palettes, bespoke furniture, and strategic lighting schemes, they are the masters of creating ever-lasting impressions. From inception to execution, conceptualization to curation, they undertake complete turnkey projects for villas and apartments, hence bringing dreams to life. They have dominated the interior design industry for more than a decade now, making them the most sought-after name in the field of Luxury interiors in Bangalore. In the middle of this brilliantly guided organization are the founders, CEO Abhishek Chadha, CFO Aashita Chadha & the Managing Director Vinayak Chadha. The trio is responsible for taking this company to the zeniths of success by religiously focusing on the needs, passion & vision of their clients.

Abhishek graduated from Delhi University as a Bachelor of Science. Hardworking & tenacious, he aced all his subjects & topped the university. He started his career in 2001 as a lecturer in Indonesia, teaching IT. Later he moved to Bangalore as a senior software engineer & made his way forward as the VP where he worked on UX & UI. It was during this time that Abhishek & his better half, Aashita got the interiors of their home done. The whole experience left them exasperated & motivated with a desire to start their design firm. With the intent to bring a glorious customer experience & fresh design perspective to the table, they laid the foundation of ‘The KariGhars’. Aashita Chadha, the CFO of ‘The KariGhars’ came up with the distinctive name of the firm & contributes inherently to the design ideology. An impeccable part of the whole design process is the artisans, carpenters, masons all categorized under ‘skilled labor’. Hence, she coined the name that depicted proximity with ethnic Indian roots. Soon Abhishek realized his firm’s tremendous potential & that’s when he got his brother, Vinayak on board. Together, they are a force to reckon with!

‘The KariGhars’ proved to be a turning point in Abhishek’s life. His source of inspiration has always been the needs & desires of his clients. He treats every project as a challenge & tries his best to meet their expectations. A learner & observer by nature, he absorbs information & tries to implement it in his designs. All his designs have a provision for storage and functionality but also come with his unique design style and an element of creativity. For his immense contribution in the field of Interior Design, he has been felicitated with a plethora of awards namely, ‘Most Creative Interior Designing firm in Bangalore, ‘Company of the Year Award by Silicon India’, The Best Interior Design Services Award 2011 for Residential projects in Bangalore received from Dr. Shashi Tharoor’, ‘Entrepreneurship Excellence Awards 2012′ and the list is endless. Apart from being the most sought-after designer in Bangalore, Abhishek is a multi-faceted man with exemplary entrepreneurial skills. He is one of the Founding Members of ‘The Bier Library’, the finest microbrewery in Bangalore that serves as a paradise for all the connoisseurs of food & beer. He is also passionate about Wildlife Photography, ample example of which can be seen on his Instagram handle Abhishek wildlife photography. The KariGhars exponential growth is the testament of his exceptional talent, creativity, expertise & intent to make a positive contribution to their clients’ lives.

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