The Piramal Group plans to open the Piramal School of Leadership in Jaipur, Rajasthan, to provide mid-level managers from important state and federal agencies with training. The chairman of the Piramal Group, Ajay Piramal, emphasised the foundation's goal of helping the government and people reach their full potential .

"The vision behind Piramal Foundation is how to help the government and people around to get the best out of their abilities. The idea behind it is that we take up tasks and projects which not many people do. We take guidance from what the Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, wants in the Amrit Kaal. We work in the aspirational districts which have a major population."

Ajay Piramal -Chairman of the Piramal Group

The 32-acre School of Leadership is intended to teach about 50,000 leaders a year, and at full capacity, that number might rise to 150,000.

It is anticipated that the institute will open for business by December 2025. On the campus, there will be five specialised schools that will teach students about important development fields and closely correspond with government programmes. The Education and Systems Change School, the Health School, the Climate and Sustainability School, the Justice School, and the Inclusion School are among the five schools.

Ajay Piramal shares other life lessons that have motivated him to continue his grandfather's legacy in an interview with Business Today. He highlights the idea of doing well while also doing good, highlighting the belief in both business and foundation. His advice for millennials is to take use of the many chances that India offers, engage in making wise decisions, and spread the word to others.

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