The real estate industry is a diverse sector that comprises a range of activities, including buying, selling, renting, and leasing of land, buildings, and other immovable properties. It is an essential driver of economic growth and development in any country, as it contributes significantly to job creation, infrastructure development, and wealth creation. However, the industry is highly susceptible to external factors such as political and economic changes. These changes can have a significant impact on the industry, affecting the supply and demand of properties and influencing buyer and seller behaviour.

According to Mr. Karam Bedi, an industry expert and one of the promotor of JMD Group, Political changes such as changes in government policies and regulations can have a profound impact on the real estate industry. For instance, taxation policies can significantly impact the profitability of real estate investments, as higher taxes may discourage investment and reduce the supply of properties. Changes in zoning laws can also impact the supply and cost of properties, as relaxed zoning laws may increase the supply of properties and lower land costs, while stricter zoning laws may restrict supply and increase land costs.

Economic changes can also have a significant impact on the real estate industry. Fluctuations in interest rates and inflation can affect the demand for properties, as low-interest rates may lead to an increase in demand and prices of properties, while high inflation rates may decrease purchasing power and make it difficult for people to afford properties. Mr. Bedi suggests that fluctuations in the job market can also influence the demand for properties in a specific area, given that people usually consider job growth and stability as crucial factors while making a decision to purchase or rent a property.

The behaviour of buyers and sellers can also be influenced by these changes. For instance, low-interest rates may encourage buyers to take out loans, while high-interest rates may discourage them from doing so. As per Mr. Bedi, there is a possibility that economic uncertainty could discourage people from making significant financial decisions, including property purchases. Consequently, there may be a decrease in the demand for properties.

In conclusion, it is crucial for investors, developers, and other stakeholders to stay informed about political and economic changes that can impact the real estate industry. By doing so, they can mitigate risks and take advantage of opportunities that arise. Keeping a close eye on changes in taxation policies, zoning laws, interest rates, inflation rates, and job markets can help investors and developers adjust their strategies accordingly and make informed decisions.

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