In recent years, the global food industry has undergone a remarkable change driven by an increasingly health-conscious population and a burgeoning awareness of sustainable dietary choices. Amid this transformative food choices, one segment that stands out is plant-based protein. Since the raise of veganism and non-diary consumers, the concept of plant-based proteins has been challenging conventional norms within the food sector. This paradigm shift, propelled by a growing consumer inclination environmentally conscious consumption, has reshaped the way we perceive and consume protein-rich foods. However, recognizing these winds of change in dietary preferences, Chatha Foods (meat and poultry processing brand) unveiled a new chapter in their journey—the birth of The Field Grill Co. This strategic move marked their foray into the realm of plant-based protein alternatives, laying the foundation for a new era of innovation and sustainability.

Paramjit Singh Chatha, MD

Chatha Foods traces back its history in 1998 in India's frozen food processing industry, serving leading Quick Serving Restaurants (QSRs), Casual Dining Restaurants (CDRs), and various segments within the HoReCa (Hotel/Restaurant/Café) industry. The company's evolution has been characterized by consistent growth, underpinned by two separate units equipped with cutting-edge technology and an unwavering commitment to quality.

Catering to the evolving needs and choices

Paramjit Singh Chatha, the founder, envisioned venturing into plant-based protein as alternative diets gained prominence. This strategic foresight positioned Chatha Foods as the trailblazer, becoming one of the first manufacturers of plant-based protein products in India. At present, The Field Grill has emerged as a testament to their commitment to adaptability and foresight, introduced a diverse array of plant-based products, ranging from nuggets and burger patties to sausages and kebabs. This pivot, from traditional meat processing to pioneering plant-based protein alternatives, positions Chatha Foods as a vanguard in reshaping the landscape of India's food industry

The Field Grill doesn’t merely offer products but caters to the evolving needs and conscientious choices of today's consumers. Their relentless pursuit of excellence, underscored by cutting-edge technology and unwavering dedication to quality, sets them apart as pioneers in this growing industry. The product range is extensive, featuring innovative options such as Plant-based Chicken Fries, Nuggets, Chicken and Mutton Keema, Shammi Kebab, and a diverse array of offerings catering to varied tastes.

Establishing Strong Foothold

As we delve deeper into the narrative of The Field Grill Co. and its parent company, Chatha Foods Ltd, we uncover a tale of innovation, foresight, and an unyielding commitment to meeting the demands of a rapidly evolving market.

What sets The Field Grill apart is their technology-driven approach. This ethos allows them to create bespoke products that precisely match customer demands. Their strengths lie in their private labeling expertise, substantial production capabilities, and commitment to delivering quality products consistently. To name few of Chatha Foods customers to whom supplying Plant Based products: Blue Tribe, Continental Coffee Limited, Liberate foods, Tere Verde Foods, PFC foods likewise. The company merges top-tier food technology with expertise, discovering plants rich in protein and nutrients, lower in calories. “Crafting tailored, precision ingredients, we curate a diverse array of animal-free, protein-rich foods—promising delectable choices designed for nutrition and taste without compromise,” the founder shares.

Notably, their success stories include substantial pan-India supply partnerships with multinational brands for over a decade, solidifying their reputation for reliability and consistency in delivering high-quality products. Their client portfolio includes global chains like Subway and Domino’s Pizza, alongside prominent Indian QSRs (quick-service restaurant) such as Café Coffee Day, Lenexis Foodworks, Hongs, IHop, Apple Bee, Burger Singh, Chillis, Taco Bell, NIK Bakers, Burger Farms, Burgrill, Super Donuts among others, establishing a strong foothold in the market. In the year 2023, Chatha Foods has been awarded as Plant Based Technology Leader from PBFIA (Plant Based Foods Industry Association).

Growth and Future

The company boasts a workforce of over 280 employees, with a notable representation of women. June Swer, the Strategic Business Unit head, embodies the company's spirit and plays a pivotal role in its success. “We have two separate units installed with capacity of 500 tons (each) per month in a single shift & state-of-the-art equipment’s to produce consistent quality products and a forte to cater to huge customer volumes. Using cutting edge Technology and most modern & hygienic facilities, we Chatha Foods is devoted to the taste, quality and food safety. We are BRCGS certified- Issue 9 company,” they highlighted.

Looking ahead, Chatha Foods is gearing up for expansion plans of setting up a new factory, enhancing production facilities, and venturing into export operations, marking a new phase in their growth trajectory.