Running a bootstrapped business means to take the road less trodden, but one that may lead to remarkable success. As most of you are aware, bootstrapping is a strategy that involves building and expanding a business with minimal external funding.

 It's a path that demands resourcefulness, ingenuity, and an unshakable belief in your vision. In this article, I talk about ten concepts that have emerged as key lessons for me in my entrepreneurial journey. 

1. “Your network is your net worth” - Porter Gale

Your network becomes invaluable during bootstrapping. Reach out to mentors, friends, and colleagues who share your enthusiasm and understand your vision. Do not hesitate to ask for financial funding from them, back this up with a solid business plan and grit to succeed. Their insights and support can be the lifeline your business needs without hefty financial investments. 

2. Focus on differentiating your Product

A mindset of simplicity is essential to run a bootstrapped business. When starting off, building a minimal viable product (MVP) should be the focus. One thing I focused on was having a differentiated product. If the product is differentiated & accepted, the competition is lesser & it’s cheaper to scale. Test your concept, gather feedback, and refine your product/service without pouring excessive resources and budgets into a full-scale launch.

3. Explore Unique Funding Channels

Bootstrapping doesn't rule out external funding altogether. Explore non-traditional sources like crowdfunding platforms like kickstarter, grants, and competitions. These avenues infuse much-needed capital while allowing you to retain ownership and decision-making authority. It may mean plunging into your savings or even leveraging one’s owned assets to acquire debt. It can be quite risky to leverage one’s assets for debt though , hence it should be a well thought out personal call. But if the idea & execution is good it can lead to manifold returns.

4. Explore multiple revenue channels with your product/service.

Once you have a good /differentiated product or service, don’t limit yourself to one revenue channel or market. You may not even know where the best market/channel exists for your product or service so keep trying . Whether it be D2C or B2B, Online or Offline, Corporate or Events , Retail or wholesale, Domestic or National the avenues are endless. In today’s world there is no dearth of information & connectivity. Identify your best markets that can be scaled in the fastest & cheapest manner. Pilots can be done in a cost controlled manner across multiple channels over time. Once a channel or market starts clicking well , focus on it to grow your cash flow. Then this cash-flow becomes your financial backing,  use the cash-flow from this channel to slowly bit by bit try other channels. Multi channel penetration is what will give you exponential growth over time.

5. Listen to your customers: Be customer obsessed           

For bootstrapped businesses it is pertinent to focus on growing businesses with existing customers. Your customers are a treasure of insights. Engage with them, collect their feedback in a systematic manner, and adapt your offerings to align with their needs. By doing this, you are not only refining your product/service but also cultivating a loyal customer community that has the potential to evolve into your most vocal brand advocates. Focus on solving your customers' problems & be obsessed with making them happy & you will notice that the  business would grow surprisingly well.

6. First DIY/ Learn & then build a strong team bit by bit

Wearing many hats becomes second nature to bootstrappers. Learning to do tasks yourself, be it web design to facebook marketing or MIS, saves money and resources. It is an invaluable asset that empowers you to navigate constraints and stay connected to the details during the initial days of your journey. However, have a clear plan to delegate once the resources become available to you. Once cash flow grows & there is opportunity to scale more , some tasks may need your time more than others. But as you know the task well, you should not hesitate & replace yourself from roles as fast as you can afford to.

7. Practice mindful spending; keep a tab on overhead costs 

Trimming excess expenses is a fundamental principle of bootstrapping. Consider remote working, free softwares, and outsourcing for specialized tasks. Any chance that you see at cutting costs, be brutal and do it. Your balance sheet will thank you in due time.

8. The Hare and the Tortoise 

Bootstrapped businesses reward steady consistent growth. Rather than chasing rapid expansion, prioritize steady consistent progress. Each small victory propels you forward, building a stable foundation for sustainable growth that will last the test of time.

9. Establishing a Strong Online Presence

In the digital era, your online presence is pivotal. Harness the power of social media, content marketing, and SEO to gain brand visibility without significant advertising expenses. Engaging online communities can yield insights and potential partnerships.

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10. Never give up, ever! 

The journey of a bootstrapper is riddled with challenges day in and day out. Setbacks are inevitable, and not every idea will yield results. Yet, your ability to adapt, pivot, and endure adversity will define your venture's success. Persistence is the key to success as an entrepreneur.

As you navigate the uncharted waters of launching and expanding a business on a shoestring budget, remember that every step, regardless of size, is a triumph to celebrate. Remember , even in the darkest times it is never as bad as it seems, & even in the best of times, it is never as good as it seems. It’s an adventure, enjoy it :)

About Author

Seeking inspiration from the concept of ‘leather being a timeless companion’, engineer-turned-entrepreneur Indranath established Kompanero in 2014. Within just a few years since its inception, the young entrepreneur has leveraged his passion and flair for business and brand-building to scale Kompanero into a home-grown international brand with a expansive network of 25 exclusive brand outlets (EBOs) across India along with a strong presence in international markets such as Australia, Canada, UK, Sweden etc.

Indranath is an avid believer of individuality, sustainability, and conscious capitalism, and these beliefs lie at the core of the brand. Apart from being a fashion enthusiast, his hobbies include swimming and traveling. He has been to more than 40 countries till now, with Europe being his most favorite part of the world and him deriving brand inspiration from the vintage sites and architecture. However, even though he is an avid traveler, Indranath’s heart lies in his home city Kolkata, which is also the headquarters of Kompanero.

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