Tata Projects is one of India's fastest-growing and most admired industrial infrastructure companies. It has expertise in executing large and complex urban and industrial infrastructure projects. Tata Projects provide ready-to-deploy solutions for refineries, roads, bridges, integrated rail & metro systems, commercial buildings & airports, power generation, transmission & distribution systems, chemical process plants, water & waste management, and mining & metal purification systems.

Aiding the World-Class Management

Tata Projects deliver projects on time using world-class management techniques and does not compromise on safety and sustainability. Tata Projects simplifies the lives of The company's customers and is the essence of everything Tata Projects do. Tata Projects have the engineering capability and domain expertise to simplify complex projects and build optimum solutions per The company customer's needs. Tata Projects leverage technology, advanced construction methods, and collaboration between diverse specialists to ensure on-time execution of projects. Working with integrity, Tata Projects ensures that all The company solutions are infused with the highest quality and safety standards.

Building information modeling service (BIM) is used by Tata Projects to create environments that care for their people. Along with end-to-end engineering solutions led by a team of experienced engineers, Tata Projects aim to bring the very best to the company's clients. The company building information modeling service helps us effectively approach the design and documentation of various types of buildings. Tata Projects leverages the company's decades of EPC experience to provide end-to-end engineering solutions. The company experienced engineers use the latest technologies like BIM to provide high quality, cost-effective, and time-bound services. Tata Projects is one of India's leading construction companies, offering nationwide procurement management services. Tata Projects believe in win-win partnerships with The company vendor and supplier partners and building sustainable and long-term relationships for value creation in the supply chain process.

Encompassing the Operations Globally

With worldwide operations spanning various countries across continents, Tata Projects delivers comprehensive inspection, certification, and training services for industrial and infrastructure sectors encompassing power, hydrocarbons, metals and minerals, roads, ports and buildings, and other sectors. Quality management is a critical facet, and therefore the company is into ISO 9001 Certification, Energy audits, ERDMP, T4S, IMS Audits (PNGRB), Inspection Body Services, Warehouse inspection (WDRA), Safety audits, customized second party audits, and training services for the industrial sector.

The company has recently expanded into next-gen technology-enabled services, comprising asset integrity management, project quality management, and drone inspection services. Further additional schemes such as the STAR scheme for security agencies and other QCI schemes are being offered. Besides, the business unit has created a new certification services subsidiary called TQ Cert Services Private Limited, which also caters to the emerging areas of Agri, food, Ayurveda, and yoga. Tata Projects also provide training services for infrastructure organizations. The business unit serves more than 1000 clients across 40 countries and is reputed for its agility, responsiveness, and on-time, high-quality service delivery. Tata Projects are raising the bar for quality across the industry by ensuring training services for the industrial and infrastructure sectors.

Urbanizing the Infrastructure

Tata projects urban infrastructure development is the foundation of every city and remains the key to ensuring basic services like water, sanitation, drainage, energy, and transport. With proper and planned urban infrastructure development, residents can enjoy better living conditions & live healthier lifestyles while benefiting from enhanced environmental sustainability. Tata Projects invests in urban infrastructure development to bring better living standards to people while simultaneously innovating with urban infrastructure development standards. Tata Projects is proficient in mega infrastructure projects such as IT SEZ Parks, commercial and office buildings, high-rise segments, commercial retail spaces, hospitals, hotels, data centers, warehouses, bridges, airports, and various projects under the Smart Cities initiative led by the Government of India.

Currently, Tata Projects is executing marquee projects such as the BDD Chawl rehabilitation project in Mumbai's Worli area and constructing a critical package of Mumbai's Trans Harbour Link. In addition, it is undertaking smart lighting solutions in Noida, Nashik & Ludhiana - the company is currently also executing work on two separate elevated packages and one underground package of Mumbai Metro Rail. It is also undertaking work on Pune's prestigious underground & elevated metro rail sections. Tata Projects is a leading company providing comprehensive design and construction solutions for setting up, expanding, and modernizing manufacturing facilities, railway fabrication facilities, defense, and industrial construction projects.

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A Determination on 'Make in India'

This division uses prefab construction, technology-driven construction, and in-house design to execute projects with the highest quality and safety standards quickly. Key projects include the ITC Panchkula food manufacturing facility, ICF Railway Coach Manufacturing Facility in Chennai, and E-Loco Facility at Madhepura (Bihar).

As the Indian government is increasingly focussing on 'Make in India, ' – there will be more need for modern industrial and manufacturing facilities nationwide. This requires leading companies such as Tata Projects Ltd to come forward towards modernizing and augmenting India's industrial and manufacturing capability to enable the nation to compete in the global arena.