Neeraj Aggarwal, Founder

A Walk Through the Journey and Vision

Synergy Waste management is one of the industry leaders in environmental protection and development. The company has concentrated on comprehending health risks and the extent of harm that Bio Medical Waste can inflict on both human and animal species' existence. In 2001, Synergy began handling biomedical waste, back when disposing of trash wasn't considered a dangerous threat to human life. Waste, regardless of its origin, needs to be properly disposed of, and through the years, they have successfully created a strong, self-sustaining business model by providing top-notch services and working diligently in teams with other entrepreneurs and environmentalists.

In 2000, the Bio-Medical Waste Management Rules (Amended Rules) were established with the goal of preserving the environment while assisting in the creation of a healthier and safer future. In February 2001, Synergy Waste Management Company established its first CBWTF (Common Bio-medical Waste Treatment Facility) in the nation's capital. Synergy is a proprietary company with Mr. Neeraj Aggarwal's name as the managing director. Synergy Waste Management Company's legal structure was changed to a private limited company in 2005, with Dr. Neeraj Aggarwal and Mr. Dheeraj Aggarwal each owning a 50% stake.

Eradicating Environmental Issues with its Services

The Synergy group's services include daily collection of bio-medical waste from healthcare facilities in 4 distinct, colour-coded bags. The CBWTF further maps the dedicated pathways to which the HCFs are attached for processing. The company operates a large fleet of more than 150 cars that travel more than 17000 kilometres each day on various routes. With the use of trolleys that have different colours, the bio-medical waste is discharged. The trolleys are then taken on an additional route to the designated area of the factory.

According to segregation and type of therapy, coloured bags are sent to various units for treatment.

With its own resources and capacity, Synergy Waste Management Pvt. Ltd. has established 8 CBWTFs over the years in various states. Currently, Synergy Waste Management Pvt. Ltd. is one of the leading firms addressing environmental issues and forest climate change.

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Achievements over the Years

Over the years, SWM's footprint has supported over 8,000 hospital beds and 10,000 healthcare facilities with structural concepts that are both 100% environmentally friendly and economically viable. The group travels more than 17000 kilometres daily in a specialised fleet of around 150 vehicles. Numerous public and private organisations who share a similar commitment to the environment have honoured and recognised them for their work.

Some of them include, Rotary Club of Delhi Rajdhani Distt. 3030: Best New Member 2010 – 2011, Rotary International: Commitment & Contribution 2012 – 2013, Rotary Club of Delhi Rajdhani:: Shining Star of Rajdhani 2012 – 2013,Sanjeevani TV: Sanjeevani Ratan 2017 and NIER: In Pursuit of Wisdom.

Synergy Group has effectively expanded its clientele and secured contracts with government HCEs, demonstrating the viability of its business model as a one-stop shop for all Bio Medical Waste Solutions and Services. The goal is to make Synergy Group one of the nation's top advocates for biomedical waste management and treatment.