A good way to understand India as a country is by taking a peek into its lavish weddings. Indian weddings are all about celebrating the bond of matrimony and love the groom & bride share. Every year, thousands of marriages take place in India and crores of rupees are spent as a result. With an increase in people’s earnings, the want for a destination wedding abroad is soaring and people are constantly on the lookout for the next best place. The elaborate rituals, delicious food and magnificent destinations in India have now attracted several foreigners and NRIs to its doors. The irony is that while people abroad are embracing the deep rooted traditions and aesthetics of Indian weddings, we are somehow trying to outgrow them. 

It’s time we embrace what it means to be rooted to our culture and discover the hidden gem for weddings that is India. It can be the gorgeous palaces of Rajasthan or the warm comfort of South India, which has a variety of luxurious wedding destinations. Udaipur, for example, is one of the best wedding destinations anywhere in the world. From the Leela Palace to Fatehgarh, Udaipur has plenty of elegant places waiting to be the dream destination for your wedding. We ensure that the breathtaking wedding photos will be worth it all. Aside from the mainland, if a tropical wedding is what you dream of, Andaman and Nicobar islands, Kochi, or Goa are never a disappointment. Imagine azure skies, sandy beaches, crystal clear waters - perfect for a beach wedding. While most of the areas in these islands provide the desirable setting for a wedding, we encourage you to consider the Havelock Islands.

India is also home to several thousands of local artisans who have honed their craft close to perfection. Various dresses have been made using the finest techniques passed down from one generation to the next. From the classic silhouettes with contemporary modern twists made in Gujarat, to the hand woven fabrics with intricate embroidery made with the intricate techniques of Kutch, the list of regional crafts is endless. These artisans supply foreign brands as well as  several of the Indian celebrities with their wedding dresses, which is truly an upliftment of the Indian styles of clothing. Some of these magnificent creations are valued at more than 10 crore rupees purely for the quality and design they offer. Nowadays one can see that most wedding apparel is coherent to the Western style, we are seeing Indian sherwanis and lehengas being worn only not only by the most elite of the Indian population who are now setting a benchmark for us all by embracing our rich culture and supporting the local craftsmanship.

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With a goldmine such as India it is unnecessary to think about abroad wedding destinations and we at Theme Weavers Designs wholeheartedly agree. Destination weddings in India give a feeling of warmth, compassion and create memories like no other and we see that everyday. Come back to your culture and experience it nurturing your soul.

About Author

Prerana Agarwal Saxena, the founder of Theme Weavers Designs holds expertise at curating exclusive custom weddings. Everyone dreams of a perfect wedding, leaving an unforgettable memory behind. A wedding planner holds the ultimate apex in crafting an unequaled experience for the couple. With proficiency in interpreting the client’s desires and personalities, Prerana Agarwal Saxena, makes dreams come alive with unique decor ideation as well as immaculate planning & execution.

Prerana Agarwal Saxena initially began her career in the banking sector after an MBA where she thrived for four years. But her childhood passion for planning theme-based events always remained. In due course, she followed through to her creative calling, leaving behind the previous job. She found inspiration to begin this journey on one of her trips back home from Andamans in 2006. The desire to recreate a soulful beach in her home city motivated her to plan a beach-themed birthday party with a detailed seaside experience in blissful colors and textures. Progressively, with such events, she began gaining experience in planning delightful parties & bringing life into the festivities. Under her leadership, the firm strives on recreating unique places of interest to achieve distinctive experiences. One would often find Prerana Agarwal say that ‘Themes are all we live in’, and this was truly depicted in the events planned that were always centered and detailed around thoughtfully designed themes. With an encouraging push later, Theme Weavers Designs was founded and joined by her sister, Annushree Agarwal in 2008, which is now known today as the top 10 luxury Destination Wedding Planning and Design firms in India.

They received their first significant wedding project at Rambagh Palace, Jaipur in 2010 and eventually went on to plan & manage more than 250 weddings together. The Palatial wedding reception for Yuvraj Shivraj Singhji, son of Maharaja Gaj Singh Ji of Marwar – Jodhpur in 2013 was the turning point of their career. The elegant idea of bringing ‘Pachranga’ to the Maharaja, connecting them with the heritage of Jodhpur, set permanent roots for them in the wedding industry. Following her instinct, Prerana translates countless concepts into the finest wedding designs for her clients. She ensures that the company delivers unique concepts with each new project taken up, executing all events seamlessly. Wedding planning can prove to be an uphill task for most couples with the varied decisions to be taken before the day. A wedding planner aids in lowering the undue burden that comes with the planning process during the joyous occasion for a family. Prerana believes that for any wedding to be a successful event, there needs to be honest, coherent communication from both sides of the party in play. Her professionalism delivers not only value for money & time but also makes all the ceremonies – stress-free events.

With a myriad of services catering to distinct wedding visions and needs, Prerana Agarwal Saxena presents an uncomplicated process of planning and committing to delivering exclusivity to all their designs, right from the ideation. Through flawless event design and execution, Prerana aims to put India on the global map. While everyone is looking to take weddings outside India, Prerana & Annushree are continuously thinking about how to make India a top destination for weddings & contributing towards the betterment of the wedding industry. Prerana is of the opinion that India has a lot to offer when it comes to hospitality and its cultural appeal, both of which have not been explored enough by the Indian Wedding Industry. Her love for India gave birth to Royal Rendezvous, a platform where planners from around the world are invited to experience India as a venue for one of the top destinations for weddings.

Prerana Agarwal Saxena has been a prominent speaker at various events & conferences hosted by Wedding Sutra, Wedding Vows, EEMA, EWPC, and educational institutions such as Amity, Pearl, IGNOU, Jamia Milia & the likes. The luxurious weddings hosted by Prerana Agarwal have been featured exclusively on Bride’s Today & NDTV  for creating unforgettable wedding experiences. Under her leadership, TWD was named as one of the top 15 Wedding Planners by Lagan Mandap in 2015 and crowned as ‘WeddingSutra Influencer Award 2019’, cementing TWD’s stature in the wedding industry. In addition to these, with her direction, Team TWD has also been awarded the Luxury Lifestyle Award, WOW Awards Asia 2015, and the Great Indian Wedding Awards(GIWA). The progressive & successful growth of Prerana Agarwal Saxena and the team have been written about recently in 2020 and 2021 in YourStory, Wedding Wire, Everything Experiential, Peacock Magazine, Wedding Vows, India Today, Her Zindagi, PinkVilla, IANSLife.  Apart from the mainstream media houses encompassing The Times of India, Hindustan Times, The Economic Times, New Indian Express -Indulge, The Telegraph & Deccan Chronicle, Prerana Agarwal has also been written about in various Lifestyle magazines like G-Society, & Greh Lakshmi & Femina Wedding Times.

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