It is that time of the year!! The heat can make us go crazy, but that doesn't mean we hate the weather, do we? There are so many plans this summer and weddings are definitely on the top of the list. Weddings in summer are something we look forward to because there is no limit on props or decor, we’re excited to offer you our summer decor ideas that you can have at your wedding this summer. 

In this article, we have listed a few wedding decor ideas for this summer, 2022 by Theme Weavers Designs.  

Go all Outdoors

Summer calls for a light, breezy and airy mood. Why stay in, when there’s so much sunlight and sunshine outside. To make the most of the opportunity, pick your venue outdoors with bright colors and decor that matches the vibe. Moreover, with open space, the venue can be covered in flowers and greenery that gives a blissful look.

Wedding Props 

Summer tends to give vibrancy and energy to humans, to match the same energy, use summer wedding props that stand out. Props like; sunglasses, umbrellas, and fans are unique and also help you with the heat, where both the hosts and the guest can use these props and vibe together. They make the place look colorful and the pictures are sure to be a bomb. 

Flower Energy

Flowers and summer go hand in hand, it is that time of the year when a variety of flowers bloom, they are available in abundance, and holding a wedding during that time is a win-win situation to decorate your venue with all kinds of them. Incorporate them tastefully, there’s no such thing as too many flowers. They can be used on; mandaps, curtains, table centerpieces, and everywhere else, the options are limitless. 

Color Coordination

The color theme for a wedding is an important factor for any couple, matching the theme with their menu, outfit and decor is what makes a wedding a wedding. Unapologetically, summer weddings require the same, as the bright setup needs bright colors that can be coordinated well to make the most of it. Since the venue is outdoor, color combinations like; peach and pink, mint and pastels, electric blue and cream can be used for decor themes, for these colors are energetic and bring out the best of the venue.

Cool Menu

The heat can almost kill us when we stand under the sun all day. To save yourself from dehydration, set up a cocktail and mocktail station depending on your condition. This way the guests can also chill themselves in the venue. Moreover, the catering service can also serve welcoming juices to your guests to make them feel welcomed and comforted. 

Weddings provide an intimate ambiance with personal meaning, which means so much to the hosts as well as the guests. Witnessing the union of the couple brings a lot of joy and some tears that complete the day for all of us. In keeping with this, the decor also plays a major role in setting a heartfelt tone for the event. But you don’t have to worry anymore, as we have already given you all the ideas that you can use this summer for your wedding.

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