Fiberglass has revolutionized the industrial enclosures landscape with its exceptional characteristics. The inherent strength of fiberglass enables enclosures to withstand harsh environmental conditions, including extreme temperatures, corrosive chemicals, and physical impacts. Its insulation properties and lightweight nature facilitates easy installation and maneuverability, without compromising on durability. While fiberglass products have several critical uses, the need for reliable manufacturers cannot be overstated. Within this industry of uncompromised demand, a trustworthy name is SUMIP Composites, a company committed to delivering superior solutions. Founded in 1987 by visionary Late Narendrabhai Shah, Sumip Composites, an Ahmedabad based company, is a renowned global player in the field of FRP/GRP industrial electrical and instrumentation products. Under the co-leaderships of SU (Suhrud Shah) + MI (Mitesh Shah) + P (Pulin Shah), the company is constantly attaining great heights and nurturing and furthering the dreams of their father.

Pulin Shah, Director

Evolution through the years

SUMIP Composites stands tall as a leader in serving quality. Its diverse range of offerings includes FRP Cable Trays, Poles, Enclosures, Safety Ladders, Single & Trefoil Clamps, Sheets, Handrails, Gratings, Conduits, Supports, Instrument Canopies, Trench Covers, and Walkways. This comprehensive portfolio caters to diverse industrial needs and showcases SUMIP's expertise in developing innovative solutions. The company, promoted by a group with a rich history of manufacturing industrial electrical and instrumentation products, has continually evolved and expanded its business to meet market demands.

Sumip is one of the leading companies in the Indian market with a world-class product manufacturing capacity, wherein it makes over 6km of FRP Cable Trays in a day which adds up to 2 million kilometers per annum, and can deliver up to 6 Lacs FRP Enclosures of various sizes per annum. It can also manufacture up to 30,000 Lighting Poles across different sizes. The firm is manufacturing products in line with international standards.

The company draws its strength from the top notch professionals and qualified personnel it has employed. They bring the requisite expertise needed in their respective fields which give the company great insights into all the facets of business, work and management practices. The team hand holds the clients systematically and transparently during the execution of every order, as some of the clients may have a limited understanding of all the quality determinants of good Fiberglass Products. Further, the firm has a strong design team wherein the strength of each product gets tested through design software. It also has a Quality Control team that carries out standardized and extensive Factory Acceptance Tests (FAT) after evolving a pre-dispatch Inspection & Test Plan (ITP), as a result of which the clients get the best quality and long-term value.

Sustainability is A Core Value

In an era where sustainability is at the forefront of ongoing global concerns, SUMIP stands as a shining example of a company dedicated to achieving sustainable growth. By investing in renewable energy, promoting responsible waste management, supporting education, and prioritizing employees’ well-being, SUMIP has positioned itself as a leader in sustainable business practices. SUMIP has taken significant steps to reduce its dependency on fossil fuels by generating surplus solar power. This initiative not only lowers carbon emissions but also ensures the company's long-term energy security. Additionally, through diligent monitoring and control, SUMIP effectively manages its water consumption, promoting responsible resource usage. In adherence to government regulations, the organization treats and disposes of waste responsibly. By implementing stringent waste management practices, the company minimizes its environmental impact while contributing to a cleaner and healthier ecosystem. Further, as the company forges ahead to be a Global player with multinational operations, it aspires to become one of the best employers with world-class green infrastructure. Mr. Pulin Shah, Director told “Our actions are oriented towards sustainable development in terms of economic, social, and environmental aspects. Employees' health & safety, diversity at workplace, responsibility towards the community, continuous improvements in the process & products, alternate clean energy sources, waste elimination & reduction, and recycling are no longer buzz words, but our guiding principles.” Furthermore, the company takes immense pride in witnessing the contented faces of its employees, who are not just a part of the workforce but an integral part of the SUMIP family.  Sumip has initiated programs to provide financial assistance for the education of employees’ children. By investing in the education of future generations, the company aims to foster long-term growth not only for itself but also for the communities it serves. Moreover, the company conducts regular health check-ups for its employees and actively encourages blood donation drives, prioritizing the well-being and welfare of its workforce.

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The Silver Lining

Mr. Pulin Shah, the Director of Sumip Composites further said that “looking forward, SUMIP's vision for 2023 is to become a market leader in high-quality FRP products. By leveraging its existing infrastructure and superior product value, the company aims to achieve widespread recognition on a global scale.”

The true measure of SUMIP’s success lies in the satisfaction of its customers and the happiness of its employees. With customers and competitors alike acknowledging the company's exceptional products, Sumip Composites has truly earned the reputation of being a trusted industry leader.