Sudarshan Lodha, Co-Founder

Strata is a global leader in geosynthetic manufacturing and geotechnical engineering.Strata Geosystems has built an edifice of integrity and trust around its broad range of best-in-class services over the course of the previous years as it has resolved complicated site development challenges across the globe.

What started as a modest joint venture to supply geosynthetic goods and civil engineering solutions to the infrastructure industry in India under the guidance of US-based Glen Raven Inc. gained rapid speed in 2007 when Strata established itself as a force to be reckoned with. They are currently a world leader in the production of geosynthetics and soil reinforcing technology. They are responding to the changing requirements of the infrastructure sector for projects like Retaining Walls, Reinforced Soil Slopes, and Embankments in roads, mines, railways, ports, container yards, and other locations.

Customers have learned to anticipate fully eco-friendly and economical geotechnical solutions when consulting with Strata Geosystems.

Surpassing customer expectations has become standard operating procedure at Strata thanks to a wide range of cutting-edge, high-quality products, precision engineering, and prompt, failsafe installation.

Providing Something for Everything

Strata provides both general and specialised contracting in a few select international markets in addition to providing products and designing engineering solutions. They offer full design and construction services in India for the mining, landfill, and transportation industries. In actuality, they have taken part in more than 60% of projects to expand national highways.

In a variety of industries, including highways, mining, landfills, railways, container yards, commercial and residential development, crane pads, loading aprons, access roads, parking lots, coastal solutions, channel linings, and others, they offer solutions for a wide range of complex site development challenges around the world.

Through engineering feats as diverse as using their product StrataGridTM with coal-based pond ash to reinforce a vertical landfill in Brazil and adapting their products to withstand earthquakes in high-seismic zones in New Zealand, Strata has pushed the boundaries of what is feasible.

Solutions based on strata reinforced soil are ideal for use in embankments and grade separation on highways. Using reinforced soil solutions, embankments can be built more quickly and with a smaller environmental impact than conventional walls and can reduce project expenses by more than 20%.

Additionally, reinforced soil technology provides a number of fascia possibilities, including steep slopes with green or stone fascia and vertical walls with precast concrete blocks or panels.

Using Strata solutions, which evenly distribute the loads across a larger area, reduces the bearing stresses that railway embankments place on unstable subgrades. This gives a workable alternative in situations where intermediate improvement is required and is more affordable than traditional alternatives.

Strata offers cost-effective solutions to safeguard mining operations as well as waste containment sector solutions for vertical landfill expansion projects and more.

For a variety of civil engineering difficulties, such as reservoir lining for thermal plants, foundation protection for wind turbines, cable and foundation improvement for solar farms, or slope protection for hydel projects, Strata solutions can be applied to a wide range of power production projects.

It is possible to engineer strata solutions for ground improvement for very heavy container loads on soft subgrades and to significantly reduce differential settlements, which reduces operational inefficiencies. Strata ground improvement systems can be engineered to address site-specific issues, reduce differential settlements, increase subgrade bearing capacity, and utilise locally accessible materials. They are simple and quick to build.

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Innovation in Products

As one of the first innovators in the sector, Strata's systems and products have undergone extensive field testing all over the world and are supported by the necessary testing and accreditations.

A geometric grid is created by knitting high-tenacity polyester yarn into a dimensionally stable network of apertures to create StrataGrid (geogrid), a high performance soil reinforcing solution A high-performance geogrid designed specifically to increase the modulus values of the base layers of pavement, SGB grid is used for pavement reinforcement. The three-dimensional structure of a honeycomb is one of nature's most durable. In order to address some of the most challenging civil engineering issues of the day, such as load support over soft soils, erosion on steep slopes, and the lining of lagoons, drainage channels, and landfills, StrataWeb® (geocell) applies this shape to soil reinforcement. Sleeve-It® is a pre-engineered fence post anchoring solution used to enhance the below-grade foundational stability of fences placed on top of a segmental retaining wall (SRW).

At Strata, they have maintained the flexibility necessary to reduce their operating footprint and strive to maximise sustainable results. Every day, they evaluate every area of their operations, study how they interact, and implement solutions to reduce their environmental effect and ensure the safety and prosperity of the communities they serve.