According to a report by the Economic Times on Sunday, Stellantis, the third-largest automaker in the world by volume, is thinking of reintroducing Fiat and a number of other iconic brands, including Alfa Romeo, into the Indian market.

The development of the Jeep and Citroen brands continues to be the company's top goal. The Citroen C3 Aircross SUV will be on sale in October, and another model based on the C-cubed platform will go on sale in the early part of 2024.

While the emphasis continues to be on introducing new models under the Jeep and Citroen brand names, Billy Hayes, Senior Vice President for India and the Asia Pacific Region at Stellantis, stated that discussions regarding other brands are still ongoing.

"There’s still a lot of love for Fiat and we are still supporting Fiat customers. It’s not just Fiat; we are considering other brands such as Alfa Romeo concurrently. While Jeep and Citroen top our priority, discussions never stop around other brands. We need to figure out what's most appropriate for this market as it evolves,” he added.

Hayes recognised the ongoing conversations regarding Fiat's prospective market re-entry and potential revival.The firm, which was formerly known as Fiat Chrysler Automobile India until being incorporated into Stellantis in 2021, stopped producing automobiles in India as a result of slow sales and heightened competition from competitor brands.

One of the 14 brands managed by Stellantis, Fiat, outsold all others internationally in the first half of the current calendar year, selling 645,000 vehicles, a 10% rise from the same period last year. These days, about half of its revenues come from regions outside of Europe. Hayes emphasised the Fiat 500's achievement as the best-selling hatchback in the A-segment, highlighting its victory in Japan and its debut in Australia.

Currently, Citroen's Aircross is crucial to the company's entry into the Indian market. With the Aircross model, the business will soon join the mid-size SUV market in India. Despite Stellantis' relatively late entry into the competitive automobile industry, the Aircross, which will go up against the Hyundai Creta, Suzuki Grand Vitara, and Kia Seltos, will likely boost the company's operations in India and elevate its current models.

The Aircross is believed to be crucial to Citroen's journey through India.  Its launch is imminent this month, with price announcements in September and deliveries commencing in October.

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