SatishRam K Goyal, Managing Director

A specialised geo-engineering firm with over 30 years of experience in designing and carrying out challenging geotechnical and civil engineering projects across India is Spar Geo Infra. In terms of substructure construction and slope stabilisation, Geo Spar is a pioneer.

Their MD, Mr. SatishRam Kumar Goyal, has carved them out as Masters in Geotechnical services in India thanks to his expertise and wealth of experience. Their remarkable service talents and market-leading solutions are renowned. They have a talented and motivated crew who ardently propel them in the direction of their objective. Additionally, they are linked to numerous international GeoTech System suppliers. They stand out from the competition and are regarded as one of the clients' top choices because of their dedication and honesty in defining excellence.

Aim and Approach

The goal of Spar Geo is to excel in the geotechnical industry by improving infrastructure development, caring for their clients, employees, and the environment, and promoting sustainability in all facets of their operations. Without regard to geographic restrictions or constraints, they are dedicated to providing clients with high-quality solutions while utilising the most cutting-edge and creative technologies available.

Customer satisfaction is the top concern of Geo Spar. They ensure that their client is happy with their work from start to finish and that they involve them in every step of the process.

The Team is the foundation of Spar Geo and is crucial to their success. They put a high emphasis on their employees and concentrate on building a stronger team by appointing highly qualified and competent individuals.

One element that unites all Geo Spar projects is their dedication to producing high-quality work. Their primary goal is to complete projects on schedule, with the highest possible quality of work. They consider the foundation of their success to be the high calibre of their work.

As an organisation, Spar Geo modifies itself in accordance with the needs of their clients, projects, and locations. They take care to alter even the smallest elements when necessary, and this has been their strength in providing various services with the same level of excellence.

More than ten years have passed since the formation of Geo Spar. Their clients have placed their trust in them to complete their work requirements in large part due to their integrity. It has also served as motivation for them to position themselves as India's leading provider of specialised geoengineering solutions.

Innovations in Services

Spar Geo provides a wide range of services that includes slope stabilisation, rockfall mitigation, foundation engineering, ground improvement, and design solutions.Slope stabilisation is the process of establishing and implementing resistive measures against failure of slopes or fill embankments. Rockfall is the process of separated rock mass dropping off a hillside due to gravity. By constructing a rock fall barrier with a fixed or hinged connection, mitigation is accomplished. The barrier's brake mechanism and high-tensile wire mesh help to disperse the energy of falling rock mass. It can be a barrier against debris flow or rock fall, depending on the material involved. Protection against rock falls can be either active or passive. Their major job is to stop and manage falling rocks and other debris.

A structure's connection to the ground and its means of transferring loads to the earth are both provided by its foundation. Foundations are typically classified as shallow foundations or deep foundations.

When the loads imposed by a structure are small in comparison to the carrying capability of the surface soils, shallow foundations are often utilised. Where loads must be transferred to deeper layers with a higher bearing capacity because the surface soils' bearing capacity is insufficient to support the loads, deep foundations are required.

The term "ground improvement" describes a method that enhances the treated soil mass's engineering qualities. Shear strength, stiffness, and permeability are frequently adjusted attributes. Ground improvement has become an advanced instrument to support the foundations of many different types of structures.

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At the highest elevation in the world (14,650 feet MSL), Spar Geo is the first company to complete foundation work for a bridge employing Tam Grouted Micropiles (Col. Chewang Rinchen Setu, Ladakh).They have completed roughly 1,50,000 Sq. Mtr. (one million fifty thousand square metres) of slope stabilisation work thus far.At the Rohtang Tunnel Project in Himachal Pradesh, they are the first company in India to implement 3100-kN double corrosion protection ground anchors.