Haroon S, Director

Better lifestyle, urbanization, and advancements are awesome, but not at the cost of the environment! Food, the most apparent biodegradable waste is also troublesome to our nature, let alone the non-biodegradables and hazardous wastes. When disposed of in landfills, food wastes undergo biochemical reactions resulting in the emission of harmful greenhouse gases such as methane, carbon dioxide, and others. This eventually contributes to contamination, global warming and climate change. As per FAO records, 1.3 billion tonnes of food waste is produced every year; with a growing population and increased consumable goods, managing waste will get tougher even in the technology era. According to environmental scientists, the world is already sitting on a huge pile of garbage and needs a solution before it gets buried beneath. A handful of changemakers, though, recognise the threat of irresponsible waste dumping and have come up with solutions to deal with this in accordance with nature. Solwearth Ecotech (SE) is one such company focused on solving waste management problems by manufacturing machines that automatically convert food waste into soil equivalent within 24 hours without any additives.

Motives for Better Future

SE’s team consists of technocrats who believe that there is more to waste than meets the eye. They are of the opinion that throwing away waste is unwise and wisdom lies in converting waste into a resource. To achieve the same, it is innovating a compact and effective food waste converter for managing food waste in facilities like restaurants, apartments, hostels, canteens, malls, catering, etc. The company started selling the product in the Indian market in 2016 and now has hundreds of installations across the country. Most of the leading Five-Star and Four-Star hotels, shopping malls, villas and apartment communities, hospitals, education institutions, Corporates use the product to manage the food waste within their premises.

The Inception

“What started as a social initiative to solve a globally prevalent problem, eventually turned into a great business opportunity as well, owing to the industry demands. Environment and waste management seemed like a good idea to do our part in society. As I and my co-founders began to ponder upon the segment, we understood that the problem is bigger, but not many solutions are available in our country and globally as well,” shares Haroon, co-founder and chairman.

He further adds, “The only way to convert food waste into something useful is composting, which takes around 30 to 60 days. Apart from time, it consumes lot of space, smells bad, prone to rats & rodents; this is also not feasible in dense urban areas. Unlike other wastes, you do not have much time, you have to start managing it within a few hours. To counter this we came up with this solution.”

Since the start, the company is committed to the concept of sustainable development and has developed a waste management machine through in-house R&D which caters to the waste management needs of customers having the challenge of disposing of food and organic waste with an eco-friendly output.

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The Silver Lining

Solwearth Ecotech focuses primarily on social commitment and sustainable development by merging robust technology, expertise and dedicated services. The product is an automated on-site compostable waste processing system that multi-stage indirect heat and dry decomposition process. The system is also equipped with water recycling technology that uses the condensate run out to control the humidity in the processing chamber, which in turn translates to faster processing speeds. This ideal solution for food management doesn’t need any additives; while it is also a sealed system with no emissions. The output is only nutrient soil and clear water.

The company manufactures a range of products from capacities of 50 Kg per day to 1000 Kg per day. It is also empanelled by National Seeds Corporations, Gov. of India under the Swatch Bharat mission in the Decentralized Composed machine (MISCA) category.

Headquartered in Kerala and operating with units in Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Andhra, Telangana, Goa, Delhi, and Maharashtra, the company envisions scaling the sales at the Pan India level. It has started to export the product to Maldives and looks forward to expanding to the Middle East, Northern Africa and other Asian countries along with product expansion in terms of capacity and innovative accessories like shredders & dewatering units.

Taking the initial steps to solve global food waste-management problems with a one-of-a-kind tech-based solution.