Abhay Gupta, Founder

Structural Engineering is the backbone of many of the world's most iconic structures, but creating these steel structures requires precision, skill, and expertise. That's where companies like Skeleton Consultants come in. With their specialized knowledge of structural steel design, detailing and consulting services, they bring these steel marvels to life.

Skeleton Consultants has established itself as a trusted name in the field of industrial, commercial, institutional, residential, and special monumental projects. The organization has been providing integrated project consultancy services since 1989, and the trio of Er. Arun Sodhani, Er. (Dr) Abhay Gupta & Er. Jayesh Jain possesses more than 110 years of cumulative experience in the field of industrial, civil, and structural engineering consultancy.

Unique Proficiency beyond Structural Steel Services 

Skeleton Consultants render services in engineering, master planning, detailed architecture, interior design, landscape design, project execution & management, structural engineering of RCC & steel buildings and structures, wind engineering, structural diagnostic services including audits, repair, rehabilitation and retrofitting design, structural detailing services and BIM applications.

The organization is focused on sustainable designs and has five major verticals. The first major service area is the industrial sector, where Skeleton Consultants provides complete integrated project consultancy, starting from concept planning to detailed design. The organization is involved in the complete process, including civil construction agency finalization, MEP-FF works, and complete external infrastructure development works design.

The second area is building sector consultancy services, where the company provides specialized structural engineering consultancy services for RCC & steel buildings and other structures, such as hospitals and medical facilities, sports facilities, hotels, PEB structures, gigantic concrete statues, earthquake engineering practice, wind engineering, proof checking, peer review, and value engineering.

The third is interior designs and landscaping, providing sustainable and trendy solutions for industrial and office projects, headed by Ar. Kartik Sodhani.

The fourth vertical is PMC services for coordination with quality and progress monitoring. The experienced project coordinators detail every aspect of industrial projects to ensure smoothness and success.

The fifth is structural diagnostic services, including audits, repair, rehabilitation and retrofitting design, condition assessment, and health monitoring of structures.

Winning Against Several Storms

The company's evolution since its inception in 1989 has been impressive. However, they have reached this level against several challenges. “Our clients have always trusted us. However, delivering projects has been a challenge with employees moving to other organizations once they have gained sufficient learnings here. Recruiting new staff and training them up to a required skill set is a big challenge. Staff productivity is another one. One more issue is harassment from software companies in the name of license compliance and threatening to the level of blackmailing, even being a 100% license compliant organisation” the team openly admits.

The passion for creation and challenges is what drives the organization. Nothing less than civil engineering and structural design would have satisfied its founders. “I was inspired to pursue a career in civil engineering and structural design by my lifelong love for creation and my passion for playing with materials from an early age. Throughout my childhood, I was fascinated by the challenge of constructing structures from the ground up and I knew that nothing less than a career in engineering would satisfy me. Moreover, steel is a fantastic material, and new sections and high-strength steel products provide opportunities that cannot be ignored.”

Services, Projects, and Plans.

The company is open to ideas and fully supports the development of engineering skills. The management team encourages participation in seminars, training workshops, refresher courses and funds them for staff. We also fund professional membership of 5 Indian organisation for each design engineer. Skeleton Consultants has worked on various projects to date, ranging from industrial to monumental projects. The organization is willing to take up any challenging, innovative, satisfying, and remunerative projects, including concrete, steel, aluminum, bamboo, or any other material.

Skeleton Consultants has an impressive portfolio of successful projects, including the 351-feet high Lord Shiva statue Nathdwara, Groz Engineering Tools Bhiwadi, Yash Technology at Indore/Pune, India's tallest bungee jump facility Rishikesh, India's largest bamboo structure Maharashtra, ICSS Delhi, Satin Credit Care corporate office gurgaon, Lighthouse Projects under PMaY at Indore, Lucknow & Agartala, and Satya Sai Hospital at Ballabhgarh, with latest being Maruti Suzuki Largest EV plant upcoming in Sonipat. These projects are a testament to the company's commitment to quality design and drawing, and never compromising on code provisions and good design practices.

The immediate goals of the company include reaching 100 employees, a 7.5 crore turnover, and developing new areas such as PMC, Precast design/detailing, and design with isolators and dampers. The organization's culture of meticulous working, applying basic principles, and learning from experience is what sets it apart from other companies in the field. The company gains its customers' trust through its excellent track record and client satisfaction.

“I believe that all structural engineering consultants should come under one umbrella to improve design practice and accept a uniform sustainable fee structure. We should always aim to deliver quality designs and drawings without compromising on code provisions and good design practices. It's important to take accountability, take care of employees and help them grow, and maintain physical fitness at personal, organizational, and employee levels. Our goal is to continue to provide innovative and efficient solutions for our clients while maintaining the highest standards of excellence in the industry,” Abhay Gupta, Director concluded.

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