Deepak Malik, Director

A Technologically Driven Precision Farm

Simply Fresh is a market leader in the provision of nutritious, high-quality agricultural products for both direct human consumption and nutraceutical applications. They are a technology-driven, precision farming company that promotes sustainable agriculture with fresh products through innovation and acknowledged worldwide farming techniques. Simply Fresh takes pride in utilising artificial intelligence (AI) with knowledge of the scientific composition of plants to improve agricultural methods, protect natural resources, and retain the nutritious content of the product. In order to improve the growth, feeding, picking, and processing of the food, they employ the most recent technology into their farming techniques. They strive to give produce that is better in flavour, quality, taste, and nutrition.

The food offered by Simply Fresh includes herbs, leafy greens, vine crops, and nutraceutical plants. The product is grown in their modern growing facilities, which are located close to Hyderabad, in greenhouses. They use benches, gutters, and pots in their greenhouses, which are also assisted by AI-driven fertigation systems, to enable some of the most efficient growing approaches.

The skilled and knowledgeable team at Simply Fresh has created FiaB (Farm In A Box), an AI-enabled Ag Tech platform that enables comprehensive monitoring and management of all farm activities.

Unique Services and Innovations

Simply Fresh keeps track of the life cycles of the plants and optimises nutrient uptake at every development stage.The platform with AI integration helps to promote smart agricultural techniques while reducing the demand on human resources.To ensure the greatest care, they make sure that each plant is closely inspected for a number of factors.

It serves as a shared information source for the management, maintaining a synchronised, harmonious process for our agriculture and production.

A thorough dashboard with data on soil composition and yield forecast has also been implemented in the firm.

Their goal is to promote healthy nutraceuticals and nutrient-dense fresh vegetables through high-yield, technologically advanced, ethical farming. They have a mission  to continuously provide products that are Safe, Traceable, and Sustainably Grown and Processed throughout the year.

AI, climate engineering, and hydroponics are the foundations of Simply Fresh's agricultural technology. Environmental protection practices supported by internal R&D:Simply Fresh elevates the agricultural ecology by utilising the best technical developments and methods.

Before being used for irrigation, rainwater undergoes reverse osmosis and ultraviolet treatment in a man-made lake.

They now use a tenth as little water as conventional farmers do. In order to maintain a cool temperature in the greenhouses without using coolants or air conditioners, sustainable evaporative cooling technology is used.

The high roof, fully foldable walls, UV shields, and passageways all help to control the temperature within. In accordance with Simply Fresh's thorough process, each seed container is inspected, and if even the slightest indication of contamination is found, the batch or container is rejected.

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