The food industry is experiencing a revolution that consumers perceive and prioritize their health and wellness. Within this dynamic space, Simav Naturals, a startup founded in 2021, has emerged as a key player providing healthy, natural, and sustainable alternatives in the edible oils segment. Backed by a team of seasoned professionals with a cumulative experience exceeding 75 years in various industries, Simav is committed to creating a fully integrated natural products business. Their significant achievement includes the establishment of a cutting-edge greenfield oilseed crushing plant in Aurangabad, Maharashtra, which commenced operations in December 2022. This marked the official entry of Simav's brand into the market, introducing Groundnut and Mustard Oils, with plans underway to expand marketing and distribution across multiple regions in India.

Evolution Through the Years

From its inception in 2021 to the acquisition of an industrial site and the subsequent establishment of the production unit by December 2022, Simav has demonstrated an exceptional growth trajectory. In a relatively short period, the company has managed to establish its unique identity as a reliable and innovative player in the industry. The cornerstone achievement for Simav was the commissioning of a state-of-the-art greenfield oilseed crushing plant with a capacity of 6000 metric tons per annum.

The company's reliability is founded on its commitment to quality and adherence to its mission and vision. Simav has already built a strong network, serving over 100 distributors and wholesalers, which stands as a proof to the trust and satisfaction of its clientele.  With a workforce of 25 individuals, the company is moving forward to do more in the segment.

A Distinguished Brand

Simav Naturals was born from the collective understanding of the growing need for healthier and more sustainable products in the market. Recognizing the demand for oils that are devoid of additives and artificial processing, the company was established to meet the increasing consumer preferences for quality and naturally sourced oils. At present, Simav offers a carefully curated line of natural oils, which include Cold-Pressed Groundnut Oil, Kacchi Ghani Mustard Oil, and Filtered Groundnut Oil. These offerings cater to health-conscious consumers seeking unadulterated, nutrient-rich, and high-quality oils for their culinary and nutritional needs.

The vision of Simav Naturals transcends borders, aspiring to become a globally acknowledged organization delivering natural and nutritional products. Simultaneously, its mission revolves around solidifying the brand's position as a market leader by enhancing the customer experience through high-quality, ethically sourced, and sustainably manufactured products, ensuring value for all stakeholders involved.

Technology stands at the core of Simav Naturals' operations, enabling the production of superior quality products from natural materials. Additionally, it plays a crucial role in facilitating efficient customer engagement, addressing concerns promptly, and planning for a future with a farm-to-table tracking system, ensuring transparency and quality throughout the supply chain.

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Immediate Goals and Success Stories

Simav's immediate objectives revolve around cementing their position as a premier player in the healthy and natural oils segment across India. The team is actively pursuing an extensive penetration strategy to expand volumes and reach a broader consumer base. Collaborations with major direct-to-consumer platforms such as Jio, Amazon, Flipkart, and the launch of their digital shop underscore their commitment to reaching consumers directly and efficiently.

The brand’s success lies in a fusion of technology, strategic vision, and robust market penetration strategies. Their technologies play a central role in optimizing manufacturing processes, ensuring the extraction of the finest quality products from natural materials. It also enables effective consumer engagement, addressing their demands and concerns in a timely and informed manner. Looking ahead, Simav aims to implement farm-to-table tracking, providing complete transparency and quality assurance from production to consumption.

Overall, Simav Naturals stands as a significant contender in the healthy food industry, providing natural and nutritional products while leading the charge in technological advancements and sustainable practices. With a vision for sustainability and a dedication to delivering quality, the company is poised for a future where health-conscious consumers are at the forefront of its success. As Simav continues its journey, it holds the promise of revolutionizing the way consumers perceive and prioritize their health and well-being in their everyday dietary choices.