Beyond the world of steel, PVC, and various other pipes in the Indian market, PPR pipes that are made of polypropylene random copolymer plastic, have been winning the hearts of millions of people. Right from low thermal conductivity, long service life, durability, efficient inner surface, chemical & mechanical endurance, ecological & economic efficiency to many other advantages, these PPR pipes outclass as the best choice among people when they think about pipes.

Despite multiple players stepping into the PPR pipes arena, New Delhi-based Savoir Faire Manufacturing Company Pvt. Ltd. (SFMC) takes utmost pride in being the originators of these incredible PPR pipes in India. With more than two decades of experience in the industry, SFMC outshines as the one of the pioneers in manufacturing pipes and fittings in India as well as one of the well acceptable brands in the market. The company seamlessly manufactures and markets a wide range of PPR, cPVC, uPVC, HDPE and Agriculture Pipes & Fittings and many new introductions in plastics under various brands in the country. On the whole, the company stands-out as a total solution provider that caters to an umbrella of piping applications like Agriculture, Water Transportation, Borewell, Plumbing, Drainage, Sewerage, Cable Ducting, and many others.

A Journey of Grit & Determination

During the inception, SFMC faced a few difficulties to gain the faith of the society despite studying and strategizing the making of PPR and other pipes when many giants had no idea that something like this could exist. Yet the tables have turned for them in no time! When the company delivered its first few projects, clients started realizing the diverse benefits of PPR pipes over steel pipes. In no time, the company avidly learnt about the requirements of its clients and t market! Mahesh Aggarwal, Managing Director, SFMC, adds, “Getting validation from our clients in the first few years for something that was unique in our country was pretty difficult back then”. To achieve much-needed attention amid the clusters of ever-challenging and increasing enterprises, the company worked day in, day out to evolve as the No.1 sanitary fittings brand all over India. SFMC’s pipes are made of high-quality polymer that have a long lifespan, resistance to sudden changes in temperatures, and are always delivered quickly, which help them gain the trust of society. Moreover, there has always been complete transparency between the company and its clients, which is an add-on to its strengths.

SFMC believes in ‘Competency’ more than anything else! To provide the best products and services along with quick delivery to all its clients, the company holds a set of specific skills and expertise that distinguishes its corporation from its competitors. For an easy approach, it has employees placed in every state of the country who are easily approachable by the clients irrespective of their position. Be it the GM, the Director, or any other post for that matter! With a long-term commitment to its clients, SFMC is sailing ahead with customer satisfaction as its prime agenda in every step it takes. 

To stay ahead of the competition, SFMC ensures to seamlessly explore and exploit every option available in the market and create only the best products for its clients. Constant implementation of concentration, consistency, and professionalism as well as expertise in other essential disciplines place the company an edge above its peers in the sanitary fittings industry. Speaking about the company’s vision, Mahesh asserts, “We aspire to hand over amazing projects such that every builder and every architect knows our brand as the one that provides world-class products. We also plan to solve issues that many pipes today face in our country”. No wonder, clients have placed their uttermost confidence and faith in SFMC while the latter ensures to maintain this trust by working round the clock to manufacture world-class, high-quality products that are delivered on time to millions of individuals and thousands of organizations.

A Team Par Excellence

Behind this successful company lie its team of well-experienced professionals who undergo rigorous training from time to time to stay adaptable to changes in general. Every month, a board meeting is held by SFMC to discuss not only about the latest technologies but also the new strategies on how to tackle issues that many pipes face, for instance, climate change. Nestled in constantly evolving workplaces that accommodate a stream of work styles and preferences, the team members at the company have access to a variety of training solutions, ranging from textual instruction to live video training.

With regards to future, SFMC is currently planning the expansion of its brand to other countries in the world. Mahesh adds, “With the new technology that we will be using and with finer and better-quality grains for the making of SFMC pipes and fittings, we assure our clients better quality and timely delivery even in all our future projects”. For easy accessibility, the company plans to set up factories in every possible state so that its clients never encounter any problems!