Capt. PVK Mohan, Chairman and Managing Director

The Seaways Group is a distinct brand known to be a trusted and reliable provider of logistics solutions. The company has been in the logistics business for the last three decades and has worked hard to gain success in the South East and Middle East markets.

Today, the group is widely recognised and acknowledged for their vast experience and deep expertise in offering integrated and turnkey services in the shipping and logistics domain. The group is well reputed for providing cost-effective integrated logistics solutions with multimodal capabilities. Along with their expansion in South East Asia and Middle East markets, the group also has a leadership presence in NVOCCs operations.

The company aims to become a leading global company offering turnkey solutions in shipping and logistics, and international trading and providing high quality standards of quality services to all its customers worldwide.

Their mission is to provide tailor made solutions to the customers by understanding their business requirements and strategies. Through their dedicated professional teams, they aim to provide state-of-the-art turnkey services who ensure quick response to the changing market environment.

Providing Services Across the Seas

Seaways conducts and carries out comprehensive logistics for project cargoes including Over Dimensional Cargo (ODC), Overweight Cargo (OWC), Heavy Lift Cargo, and associated accessories and spares. According to the company, they  can individually design the supply chain and logistics for each project with the help of their in-house technological and professional knowledge and their strong global network of strategic partners in the GPLN network.

Since its founding, the Group has offered liner agency services to numerous prominent MLOs and shipping lines at various ports and interior sites throughout India. Along with its internal Customs House Agency, Seaways dominates the liner agency business on the Indian East Coast. From its headquarters, Seaways provides chartering and brokerage services for tankers, dry bulk, chemical, gas, and offshore vessels. It offers specialised solutions in the most economical way possible and is staffed by skilled professionals and experienced master mariners.

The expansion of regional trade between Iran, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Myanmar, the Sultanate of Oman, and other Middle Eastern nations is a priority for Seaways. It provides the most dependable direct feeder services by operating feeder vessels based on trade requirements between these nations.

It serves both coastal and EXIM cargo between several Indian ports in addition to EXIM cargo. Numerous benefits are offered by feeder services, including a set sailing schedule, a quick transit time, the ability to transport large, bulky goods, the prevention of pilferage, the ability to track cargo as it moves, and many others.

Making its way Around India

Seaways offers bulk cargo services at India's major and minor ports. The company is  capable of handling and stevedoring any form of bulk cargo for import or export, whether it is bagged or in loose bulk. Over 8 million tonnes of bulk freight were transported by sea.

Seaways provides custom, cost-effective cargo handling solutions on a turnkey basis and holds the necessary cargo handling / stevedoring licence at all major and minor ports in India.

Coal, iron ore, steel, fertilisers, chemicals (dry & wet), cement clinker, limestone, agricultural products, and slag are a few examples of the major bulk cargo handled.

For the benefit of charterers and owners whose ships call in Indian ports, Seaways complies with all applicable local and regulatory requirements and procedures. The vessel agency teams enjoy a positive working relationship with all appropriate agencies, including port and customs departments. The personnel are qualified, skilled, and experienced to provide timely services and ensure speedy turnaround for vessels. When their ships call any port in India, they comprehend and offer all assistance to Ship Masters and Principles.

One of the top two NVOCCs in India for dry goods and specialised equipment is Maxicon Container Line, a Seaways affiliate. With their main office in Singapore, they have become a reputable NVOCC provider operating in 73 locations (including 24 of the company's own offices) throughout SouthEast Asia, the Indian Subcontinent, and the Middle East. Maxicon had handled more than 175,000 Throughput TEUs with an asset base of roughly 16,000 containers.

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Seaways and its Guiding Principles

Simply put, Seaways works to provide a satisfying customer experience. Seaways' guiding principle is to expand while providing its customers with value. Seaways is adamant that the success of its customers determines the success of the business. This truth is pounded into every level of the organisation, from top management to entry-level human resources, to ensure that no effort is spared in providing value (and a great customer experience) above and above what the clients expect.

This very idea sets the company apart from its rivals and has greatly aided in gaining a large number of satisfied clients who wouldn't mind working with Seaways again and again.