The Q4 2021 Global Construction Survey reveals that the Indian construction industry is expected to grow by 16.5% to reach Rs. 42,127 billion in 2022. While the construction industry is burgeoning, the clients are in the quest for construction companies that provide projects that are not just cost-effective but engraved with safety, quality and speed. Standing tall as the master of these three qualities is SCON Projects, a one-stop service provider for CIVIL, HVAC & MEP projects with cost effectiveness as its other strength. The company’s main focus on quality is attributed to its “Do it right first time” approach which not only ensures the quality of the delivery, but also reduces the wastage of time, material and manpower to a certain extent. This way, the company saves costs and takes pride in being the most preferred choice of its customers.

Regarding safety, SCON Projects has achieved more than 50 million safe man hours for which the clients have appreciated, recognized, and rewarded them for their dedication towards safety. By not restricting to the mere provision of construction services to customers, the company seamlessly works with multiple vendors/contractors to provide end-to-end turnkey solutions. Nilesh S. Chavan, Founder & Managing Director, SCON Projects, adds, “From providing just HVAC & MEP (Mechanical, Electrical & Plumbing) services 10 years ago, we have now acquired the required knowledge, skills, and expertise, along with a well-experienced team of experts that provide HVAC & MEP turnkey services to more than 80 projects”.

Inspiring Journey

Hailing from Pune which is known for its industrial development since decades, SCON Projects realized that the entire country held the potential for customers to invest and establish their industries. Initially, SCON had its projects primarily in Pune, coastal Maharashtra, Nashik but now across Gujarat, Karnataka, Telangana, Hyderabad, and in Goa too. SCON increased its presence within Maharashtra as well, with projects in Mumbai, Kolhapur, Aurangabad, Ahmednagar, Nagpur, Satara, Sangli, Dhule along with Pune, Nashik, Ratnagiri and Raigad. This way, the company has proved that it had no regional boundaries, providing services to customers anywhere. Nilesh asserts, “We can have our team and infrastructure deployed and project office established geographically anywhere in just 4 working days”. Besides, the company is proud about its highly motivated, flexible team to relocate anywhere the project needs as well as its pre-established nationwide supplier network.

The preparedness and readiness to work anywhere, competence to provide end-to-end services in timely manner and flexible project management methodology – all these aspects work in favour of SCON’s customers. No wonder, SCON has a widespread customer portfolio including Indians as well as multinational (69%) while 46 % of its projects are from repeat customers. Also, there are few customers who have done more than 6 projects with them which itself is a testimony of the quality SCON delivers and the relation it builds. Altogether, the company has successfully completed more than 385 projects since inception!

The Core Vision

SCON’s vision and commitment is based on one key aspect that is “innovation that brings significant impact to the organization and benefits the customer too”. Since inception, the company went out of the way and invested huge capital in plants and machinery. Apart from this, its culture and team stay very adaptive towards latest construction techniques and practicing advanced construction methods. This further strengthens its core three pillars, safety, quality, and speed.

SCON’s project management methods which are flexible and agile make them more responsive towards customers’ dynamic business priorities. The main focus here is to understand and value criticality of customer’s timeline and deliver the projects in time – this customer centric approach ensures customer satisfaction and reduced timeline.

Constant Upgradations

As far as upskilling the team is concerned, SCON Projects provides them with required trainings and conducts knowledge sharing workshops. The company has also made multiple collaborative forums available for the team to share their knowledge, experiences, and new skills. Often, the company sends its teams to attend the training programs to acquire new skills

In terms of machinery, SCON Projects has all types of machines and equipment which enables them to work on heights as well as remote and challenging locations. Tower cranes, boom cranes, lifts, concrete plants, heavy duty concrete pumps, batching plants, automatic bar bending machines and many others encompass its machinery portfolio. Its fleet of vehicles also comprises ample earthmovers, excavators, loaders, trucks, dumpers, and compaction machines. Moreover, portable laboratories deployed on each project location ensure that the quality is measured on every instance at SCON!

Social Services Par Excellence

Under the name of SCON Pro foundation, its dedicated social service division, SCON Projects focuses only on extending help, rescue, and relief in natural calamities as well as, helping the needy to be educated. During the pandemic, the company offered shelter, food, and healthcare to every labour and their families which were working for them. In 2021, in the middle of the pandemic, when coastal Maharashtra received a heavy rainfall resulting huge floods, the company deployed its relief base there with 200 plus volunteers. For next 15 days, food was cooked and distributed two times a day to the entire town. People were offered with warm clothes, ration, basic medicines, and aid during medical emergencies. Same was the contribution from SCON when Kolhapur and Sangli districts of Maharashtra were flooded during monsoon of 2019. Altogether, SCON Projects adheres to its biggest mantra of ‘Be Sensitive towards Humanity’ in every step it takes!

To expand the reach of its social services, SCON Projects has recently formed India’s second corporate club of Rotary International with the name of Rotary Club of SCON Pro. With the vision that now it can support and participate on the larger level to serve the society and the motto as “Strengthening Humanity”, Rotary Club of SCON Pro envisages working on bigger CSR initiatives via Rotary.

The Mastermind & his Perseverance!

Back in 2007, SCON was founded by Nilesh who hails from a very small town in Ratnagiri district of Maharashtra. He is a son of a primary teacher who worked in Zilla Parishad School for the entire life. Life wasn’t that great; it had many challenges. Yet, Nilesh took birth as a visionary! Ethics and values were enforced strongly by his father and mother. He was seeing a dream to become something, to build something. Nilesh pursued Civil Engineering course from Ratnagiri District College and shifted to Pune to pursue his dream. He started working with a construction firm there and soon the charm in him, his ambition and hard work pushed him towards progress.

When funds of few thousands was available, he laid the foundation for SCON. During the first year, SCON bagged a turnover of just Rs. 40 lakhs from a shop space of 110 sq. ft. But since beginning, Nilesh’s focus was on building his team than making money. He had few gems with him, and later a few more joined him admiring his charismatic personality. This way, Nilesh kept on building relationships and focused on hard work. He had a great vision of future, and he took necessary steps early in anticipation. That’s how SCON could grow and expand itself to various services.

Even today, Nilesh does not believe in turnover. He believes more in how many people stay in the organization and life. He has a great vision, progressive approach, and tremendous determination to achieve the best in every aspect. Team SCON has been witnessing tremendous progress so far and is all geared up to achieve the greatest of heights under the able leadership of Nilesh.

In 2018, SCON constructed its very own 10-storied head office in a prime locality of Pune which spreads across a whopping 35,000 sq. ft. of area. Nilesh is an ardent fan of Master Blaster Sachin Tendulkar, and had a dream of hosting him at least once in a life. That dream came to reality when Sachin Tendulkar inaugurated the new building of SCON Projects in February 2018. This building today stands as the headquarters of SCON Projects and is known as “Samarth House”.

So far, SCON Projects has earned 43 internationally recognized awards for its projects. Nilesh has 18 awards on his name individually and most importantly, consecutively for 5 years SCON has been winning PCERF safety award.

For the road ahead, SCON Projects is reaching out to bigger projects, spreading pan India and establishing network internationally. SCON is also ramping itself up to offer integrated project development solutions to its customers, which will be launched in the coming few months. Nilesh concludes, “We will focus on keeping SCON on its toes to capture new opportunities and contribute towards nation building”.