Most multinational companies in the agro-chemical industry adhere to their own agendas, trends and philosophies which are regulated by someone who has never visited any Indian farmer and also has no interest in establishing an agri input empire in the nation. All their mottos include playing the mysterious game of stock market. But this isn’t the scenario at Satyam Biotech, which has been a leader in the world’s food basket industry, the one that has been acting as a fuel to the food industry. The consumers that associate with Satyam swear allegiance to the company. Yuvraj M. Bhardwaj, CEO, Satyam Biotech, adds, “Recently, our Sales Officer – South faced a landslide while travelling to Vaishno Devi temple. Our Punjab team rushed to his rescue within an hour. This is how the Satyam Biotech family functions! Be it any part of India, we are always there for each other”.

This has always been the culture at Satyam Biotech, where they share and care for each other without the foundation of professionalism. There lies a strong mutual bonding and culture of love in its system. The company believes in the esteemed lines about our country – “Vividhata mein ekta, bharat ki visheshta” and currently, vividhata means diversity still pertains and now it is the company’s responsibility to unite and work for the better.

The Bestseller

Yuvraj M. Bhardwaj, CEO

Satyam Biotech has got no one product that can be claimed to be better selling than the other. Each product in their portfolio qualifies and best seller. Satyam Biotech has emerged as the Best Seller throughout its ranges during the last 3 years. Even during critical times like the pandemic, the company was able to serve its customers without any obstacles. Having created a range of 230-440 varieties of products, Satyam has successfully taken over the market dominated by the existing best sellers in the industry. Satyam Biotech’s products are efficacious and tagging one of them as ‘Bestseller’ won’t do justice to the realm of its creations. Poised in B2B business, Satyam enjoys the unaltered credibility of its dealers across the nation thereby making it the Market leader.

Satyam is the foremost company in Indore to get the license of the manufacturing of pesticides. Some of the other key players in Indore market along with Satyam have established Indore’s ranking in Indian market. People from nationwide come here to get the best quality products at the best prices. To fulfil their demands, the company has extended its bandwidths geographically to procure the best quality, cost effective inputs for manufacturing, thereby providing products at affordable prices. Yuvraj adds, “We are proud of our core team, our labourers, who are the heart of our company. Their dedication is commendable. It is because of their hard work that we are able to cut off the wastage and the losses, thereby making the whole economics work out at its best.”

Today, Satyam Biotech takes pride in having manoeuvred to an altitude where it has become capable of giving it back to the farmers, the backbone of our nation, and serve them by providing the best at the most affordable prices. Despite the adverse climatic conditions and political crisis in India, our farmers stand strong and work towards yielding high end crops. This motivates Satyam to maintain and constantly improvise quality standards and for this it has a Quality Control team that monitors not just manufacturing but dispatches as well. Being the beloved CEO of Satyam Biotech, Yuvraj feels it is his duty to keep the farmers of our nation happy and content.

The Best of Leadership

When asked about his take on leadership, Yuvraj says “Even though Leadership is defined as the actions of the leading group of an organisation, I believe it is not just about actions but the feelings that you create in the heart of the members while you lead. The feeling of love that binds everyone like a family. The belongingness, the empowerment and the security that comes as a result of it. I like to also see it as a part of doing what is fair to the people who are the building blocks of our family. Be it our farmers, the way we nurture them, the way our employees of all strata are treated is what makes this special. Leadership, to me, is supposed to be fostering this approach. This ecosystem is what defines the future of Satyam Biotech.”

The leader of an organisation is best described by the people who are on the receiving end of the leadership, the ones who truly experience it. Yuvraj adds “I may be leading today, but soon it might be my son or the car driver or whoever else that demonstrates the capacity to lead and to foster the environment and take this forward, will be the future of Bhardwaj Diversities “

At Satyam Biotech, every staff member is uplifted and nurtured everyday to work wisely and at their level best aiming for the betterment of our consumers, the farmers. “Aapka yaar, aapke dwaar- As the CEO of Satyam Biotech, I seize every moment to impart knowledge and share my experiences in this field and try my level best to ‘be there’, physically or virtually, for our associates of all strata whenever and however they need me, and will keep doing the same for as long as I can.”, adds Yuvraj.

For the road ahead, Satyam Biotech is in the process of launching Indo-German products (through import) which will be in collaboration with a German company. This collaboration is going to be one of the greatest epiphanies of all times. Satyam Biotech by means of Indo German products is going to provide perceivable results to the users. Yuvraj asserts, “We are proud of what we have created and we are excited for you to experience our products”. Moreover, Satyam Biotech intends to stand as a well-wisher for the farmers, providing the best products at the best prices in the most certain and the easiest way possible. Yuvraj concludes “My vision is to see India as it was in 1800s and my best reward would be Swarnim Bharat.”