“Excellence is doing ordinary things extraordinarily well”. With its wide product range, superior build quality, service commitment, innovative solutions and global expertise, SANY India (Sany Heavy Industry India Pvt. Ltd) stands tall among the crowd in the burgeoning construction equipment & tools industry of India. Dheeraj Panda, Chief Operating Officer (Sales, Marketing & Customer Support), SANY India, asserts, “Our journey in India has been swift and successful. It all started with just 4 motor graders in 2002, today we have majority market share in multiple product verticals like Excavators, Cranes, Piling Rigs, Mining Equipment, Road and Port Machinery. “

Top-Notch Products

Dheeraj Panda, Chief Operating Officer (Sales, Marketing & Customer Support)

Thanks to its range of products that have emerged as a game changer in the industry with features like technologically advanced design, fuel efficiency, superior performance, high reliability and advanced ergonomic features, SANY India assures high value proposition and more earnings. No wonder, the company is considered as a leader in Earthmoving, Lifting, Foundation, Port, Concrete and Mining Product Segments. Looking forward to significant investment in sectors like infrastructure, railways, roads, irrigation, energy, and ports, the company plans to further enhance its product line into these segments.

Further, with a general shift in the construction equipment industry towards newer technologies and digitization, SANY India unveiled a new range of technologically advanced state-of-the-art equipment in 2022. All the new machines have been specifically designed for Indian applications while keeping Indian customer requirements in mind. This reflects the company’s deep understanding of the Indian market and customer sentiments, which will offer a unique edge and makes the products more profitable for users.

The Backend

Having invested more than Rs.750 crores in state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Pune, SANY has made a successful transition from a global to local company with over 50 models being manufactured locally. The facility is spread across 80 acres with a manufacturing capacity of 6,000 machines. Dheeraj adds, “We are constantly expanding our production footprint in this location. We were only making 100 or 150 machines each month five years ago. We are already manufacturing over 500 machines every month. We've been growing into newer shops and newer product lines, as well as automating a lot of processes. We've increased the amount of work we outsource to suppliers and expanded our own assembly capability.”

“In the previous two years, we've built a new dump truck line with a monthly capacity of about 100 trucks. In the factory, we've added a new motor grader line and increased the capacity of our excavator line. We're growing our fabrication line and establishing a new paint shop, so we've been steadily increasing both in-house manufacturing and the overall factory size class.” – Dheeraj further emphasized.

SANY India’s EVI app helps the customers to monitor and analyse the real-time performance of the machine on site and act accordingly.  The app helps in managing a single machine or a fleet and get real-time updates of the machine performance which is tracked by GPS hardware. The company’s mobile-based applications eliminate the need for physical interaction with end-customers. In fact, its machines are equipped with the best-in-class telematics which helps the owner to track service intervals, hours of operation, location and other required details of the machine.

SANY India also has a fully operational, 24X7 Call Centre and a backup system to support its customers and contractors so that they can enjoy maximum uptime of the products for optimum usage. The company has a wide-spread dealer network, supported by professional, factory trained engineers to ensure speedy/fast deliveries of spare parts and support across the country.

Future Plans

SANY India has become a key player in infrastructure equipment industry as it completes projects on schedule while ensuring quality and dependability of the final product. This is a major driving factor to earn the client’s trust and loyalty. Sustained growth of the company can be attributed to its vision of bringing quality changes to the world. Dheeraj articulates, “We have a clear-cut strategy in place, which is to focus on localization and we have been diligently following this for quite some time. Our thrust on localization has yielded good results in terms of improving the quality of our machines, reducing costs and most importantly facilitating better control over the procurement process, making it easier and faster.”

With the government thrust on infrastructure and construction, all construction equipment segments are witnessing increased demand. Government's focus on world class infrastructure has fuelled the growth of the road development sector in India. After the introduction of mining reforms, mining sector growth is remarkable and has spurred the demand for mining equipment in the CE industry. Similarly, increasing seaborne trade across the globe is prominently driving the demand for the port equipment market in India.

SANY India has already introduced a new range of technologically advanced equipment at EXCON 2022. Most of its new generation machines will be manufactured in India as a part of the ‘Make in India’ initiative and will differ from other existing options due to the design specially based on different applications, offering tremendous scope in terms of versatility, reliability and overall performance.