Dr. Jai Singh, President & CEO

Farmers are akin to the custodians of a country! The most integral part of a nation's growth, farmers require a helping hand in terms of top-of-the-line agricultural inputs and assistance, right from seeds. Committed to helping farmers along with immense care and respect for our health, Sakata Seed is developing new and superior vegetable & flower seed varieties. The company provides high-quality seeds and strives for the requirement of human health and vegetable diversification.

Since 1913, this Japan-based seed researcher, producer has been on the mission of supplying customers with a consistent source of high-quality seeds. "We have extensive expertise in seed Research, Breeding, Production and Sales of high quality Vegetables seeds and Flowers seeds from 110 years now, making us especially qualified to meet farmers/growers needs as we provide them with the best seed choice," says Dr. Jai Singh, President and CEO. This wholesale vegetable and flower seed breeder and producer partners with a network of seed distributors across the world to serve professional vegetable growers while offering innovative and quality seeds. As a member of the vegetable industry chain and listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange, Sakata adheres to the vision of mutual harmony and mutuality of Interests with sustainable development philosophy. Sakata seed wants to be a company that offers nourishments and smiles throughout the world as “Vegetables nourishes the people’s body and flowers nourishes the people’s soul”. Moreover, Sakata is focused on sustainable development goals: zero hunger, equal opportunity, women empowerment, and farmers' support.

Marching with a Greater Goal

With over 20+ subsidiaries and marketing network spread across over 170 countries, the company laid its strong foundational stone in India in 2008. Since then, there has been no turning back. "As the global economy is continually accelerating, the diversified demands of vegetables and the ecology of global vegetable planting have provided an international cooperation platform, which promotes all companies increasing their power in developing new vegetable and flower varieties. Today, we have realised the operation mode of domestic research, global production, and worldwide marketing," he adds, "Vegetable seed workers are an art designer and also a wealth creator, making dynamic integration of art and wealth. To supply high-quality healthy seeds for customers and create more wealth for farmers is our ambition.”

You can count on Sakata for the best quality, reliability, and service, which is backed by years of research, innovation, and experience. The company upholds the highest selection standards to maintain the level of quality products you deserve. Sakata applies scientific and reliable quality tests; germination, and purity tests, and constantly strives to provide the best product and services.

On Path to Be an Industry Leader

Sakata’s diligence in research has enabled them to become one of the significant players in INDIA. “We believe that scientific applications are the base for achieving the goals. Our commitment to research has provided a choice and value to our customers in the form of reliable seeds and crop varieties that are disease resistant, pest resistant, climate-resilient, high yielding, and exhibit strong progeny. Unwavering passionate commitment to excel is the spirit propelling our R&D efforts", he concludes.

He further mentions, “Indian Vegetables Seed Companies can be classified based on the revenue performance of the brand: Rs 1 Cr-50 Cr, Rs 50 Cr-100 Cr, Rs 100Cr-200 Cr, and Rs200 -300 Cr. In a short time, Our Indian company has already reached the Rs 100 Cr mark and now we are striving to join the group of 300 Cr business by 2030. For this, we follow a PASSION in Seeds; where “P” stands for People, “A” for Ambition, “S” for Sincerity, “S” for Smile, “I” for innovation, “O” for Optimism, and “N” for Never give up attitude.

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Building a Niche 

While the company is keen to investigate how new crops might be managed for specific markets, its products such as cauliflower seeds, broccoli, cabbages, beetroot, carrots, tomatoes, and hot peppers have already won the consumer’s hearts. “Our philosophy is built around uniqueness and innovation! One of our key products, broccoli, is almost available in all the months, through all seasons even in India; to which it is not native,” he asserts.

With a strong network of over 400 distributors channels in India, the brand has been able to reach the nook and corner; delivering the products at the most cost-effective and best prices to the farmers, according to Indian market standards. “We in India have appropriate climatic conditions, fertile land, and raw materials but it still lags when it comes to the adoption of advanced supply chain infrastructure, scientific equipment, and tech-driven methods. This is one of the major concerns beyond the natural or climatic hindrances. We are, however, striving to solve one of the most complex issues by blending innovation to improve the socio-economic status of the farmers and improving the health of people,” he concludes.

Sakata respects innovation and dedicates its efforts to always bringing something new to your table