The Indian antitrust agency is looking into a complaint alleging that Compagnie de Saint-Gobain compelled some partners to buy glass from it solely or risk being completely cut off from supply, according to documents seen by Reuters.

According to the article, a former glass sector executive filed a complaint against Saint-Gobain and its local unit with the Competition Commission of India (CCI) in May. The executive's identity was blacked from the records because the person requested secrecy.

They have been charged with abusing their market position in coated glass varieties and so-called clear float glass, a smoothened kind frequently used in windows, doors, or facades. According to the records, Saint-Gobain holds a 44% market share for float glass in India and a 19% market share for coated glass.

Saint-Gobain said in a statement to Reuters that it was not made aware of any complaint, notification, or document and had not been served with any either. According to the statement, the group and Saint-Gobain India Private Limited "conduct their activities in compliance with laws," especially the competition law.   

According to the documents, Saint-Gobain signed into agreements with glass processors requiring them to "exclusively" buy glass from the business or risk having their supplies cut off.

Furthermore, the business sometimes required distributors to produce at the pricing it had personally agreed upon with big clients like the Indian real estate major DLF, imposing unjust anti-competitive terms.

India is a significant market for Saint-Gobain. Benoit Bazin, the CEO of the company, had earlier this year declared that "India is flying," claiming that the South Asian country was its third-largest operational income market and that the company was the dominant player in glass in India.

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