(L) Saajan Shah, CEO & (R) Atul Shah, Founder & Managing Director

Structural Engineering is propelling with an illustrious growth, owing to new construction technologies developed for faster construction such as precast concrete. With the rapid momentum, the confidence of the industry is shifting from general service providers to specialised experts who offer value-based, high-tech, persistent, and timely services. Sachi Precast from the house of (26-year-old) Sachi Agency is one such specialised, fast-growing organisation established in 2017. The company has kept itself aligned with the constant shift in technology and design practices catering to the needs of the clients.

Sachi Agency began its journey as an authorised distributor of TATA TISCON in Gujarat. In 2000, the agency evolved as one of the top five distributors of Tata Steel across India. The company furthered with valued added services with a massive cut and bend centre, welded mess unit,  wire manufacturing and also a precast unit as a forward integration along with other steel products. “With a strong background as the most consistent distributor of TATA TISCON for over 2 decades, we have come a long way. Our first project in the precast was the Dholera smart city. Since then, we have been striving to make a mark in the industry by offering the most innovative solutions. We have worked on major projects of Suzlon, Gamesa, Metro, PGCIL, Sardar Stadium and more,” says ATUL M. SHAH (MANAGING DIRECTOR)

Best & Beyond

Precast is a major sector attributing to India’s infrastructural development; primarily due to its advantages over conventional concrete – such as enabling faster and more efficient construction processes and solutions that are timely, cost-effective and sustainable with high quality. While contributing to the nation by leveraging the pros of precast technology, Sachi is envisioning providing the best products to fasten the infra development in the country. Their products range include: Precast - U Drains, Box Culvert, Manholes, Walls, Footings, Columns, Retaining Wall, Padestrails, Hume             Pipes, Staircases, Customized Products as per clients requirement; Wires - Welded Wire Mesh, Binding wire, Chain Link Fencing, Hard Drawn Wires, Barbed Wires; and TATA Tiscon TMT Bars & Customized TMT as per BBS.

Sachi is committed to a high level of professional ethics and is developing robust systems to give high-quality services. The organisation plans to make the services all-inclusive, in order to bridge the gaps and effectively help in delivering quality construction projects with the best engineering. The core strength of quality would remain at the centre of all the organisational activities, and they plan to achieve high-durability structures and guidance for sustainability in the construction sector.

Entails Improvements with Client Centric Approach. 

“We provide standard and tailor-made precast concrete solutions. These include bridge, road and tunnel components for civil engineering; pressure pipes to designing advanced cooling systems for power plants, industrial sites and water treatment and pumping station networks, as well as offshore outfalls; drainage pipes and associated manholes and tanks for sewerage networks; and telecoms chambers and electrical shelters for dry networks,” the company claims.

Complete customization is the brand’s strength, while it also has different facilities for variations such as wet cast, self-compacting, and zero-slump concrete. “Unlike other players that have a specific product, we are open to customers' needs and always ready to take any challenge that our customers are facing on site. Apart from this, our agility and quality make us a preferred partner. That being said, we aim for Sachi to be the most Reliable and Successful Precast Concrete Solutions provider in the Industry through the best quality and ethical business practices. And our team strives to achieve excellence in our operations and products through continuous innovation and utmost customer satisfaction.

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Safety & Sustainability

Sachi delivers the projects considering the building's sustainability by exploring different design options and proposing unique engineering options. And provides optimum results with keen/comprehensive analysis. “We reduce a lot of water wastage through specific methods using sprinklers and steam processes for curing,” he remarks.

The company delivers a strong record with highly trained and skilled engineers who bring various challenging projects to reality. The values and systems established by the founder, have helped the organisation to grow and evolve with the changing market dynamics.  Moreover, at Sachi, safety comes first on the site. The organisation sees potential growth with structural safety at the site and against natural disasters as per the latest technical and statutory requirements having faster construction technologies giving a higher functional performance, and durability. Sachi offers efficient and safe precast solutions adapted to its customers' projects, be it bridges or rail infrastructure. The company's success is not only based on its expertise & service quality but also the focus on relationships with clients that are built on trust and transparency. With a young team who are given freedom of idea creation & implementation, the company envisions growing 3x in terms of capacity and turnover.

Sachi firmly stays grounded on its basic principle to offer the best quality at the best price to its clients.