Saatvik Group: Diversifying Green Energies to sustain the Ecosystem

Solar energy does not generate waste or pollute water. Saatvik Green Energy is one of India's most trusted solar panel manufacturers. The company sustains the resources and energy with a scientific vision to maintain the future ecosystem. With 6 Years of experience in the solar industry, Saatvik group has made 1000+ Shipments of 1000+MW solar panels with thousands of Global business partners. Saatvik's manufacturing facility is located at Ambala, in the state of Haryana.


Saatvik manufactures high-quality, high-efficiency solar photovoltaic modules. Employing among the most advanced and sophisticated technologies available worldwide, Ambala, Haryana has established a state-of-the-art facility. With an annual capacity of 500 MW and offer a wide variety of Solar PV modules well-suited for residential, commercial, and industrial off-grid/grid-tied applications.

The promoters of the company process over 30 years of experience in Manufacturing and intricate knowledge in diversified world world-class activities. They belong to a well-established and reputed business group founded in 1990. It is currently involved in large-scale manufacturing across various industries like oil and chemicals.

The company remarks, "We are a customer-driven company and believe that quality lies in delivering real value. We strive for excellence in service by virtue of precise identification and innovative execution of customer requirements. It will be our constant endeavour to achieve world class productivity and performance. "


Saatvik group's mission is to be an organization that is known for its Quality & Customer Service. They strive to create an ecosystem where we nurture Talent and continuously create value for our investors, suppliers & employees. Their corporate vision is to become one of the strongest and largest Renewable Energy companies.

Saatvik aims to enhance India's most premium Solar PV Module brand by 2025 with an expansive distribution network and the most technologically advanced products available in the Indian market. It envisions becoming one of the largest integrated renewable energy companies in India.

MANUFACTURING THE WORLD CLASS SOLAR MODULES- Saatvik Group incorporates four sustainable solar modules with enhanced technology and efficiencies. The first module is the Poly-Crystalline Module. The advantage of Polycrystalline solar panels is that it costs less and has a more simple manufacturing process and product range from 330 Wp to 340 Wp. The second module is Mono-Crystalline Modules. The Advantages of Monocrystalline solar panels have the highest efficiency rates, tending to produce more power with space efficiency and product range from 380 Wp to 400 Wp. The third module is Half Cut Technology & MBB (Multi Bus Bar ) technology . Half-cut cells & MBB provide several benefits over traditional solar cells' improved performance and durability. The fourth module is Bifacial Module Technology comprising the Bifacial modules that produce solar power from both sides of the panel.

FORGING AHEAD WITH REMARKABLE ACHIEVEMENTS- Saatvik Green Energy presently working with all top India Solar projects developer like NTPC, BHEL, Avaada, Hero, Azure.

Saatvik Green Energy Limited claims to maintain a capacity of 500 MW per annum as of date. It engages technologies such as Lead automation from Jinchen. The company offers a wide range of solar PV modules, including Polycrystalline, Monocrystalline, Mono halfcut/MBB and bifacial modules.

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Prashant Mathur, Chief Executive Officer, Saatvik Green Energy, said, “We are very pleased to secure the BHEL order, and it motivates us to continue focusing on delivering the best to our customers. We believe that our superior technology and high-class quality modules paved the way to securing this prestigious order, and we look forward to associating with BHEL.”

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