What is RTLS?

RTLS stands for Real-Time Location Systems, and it refers to any system that can properly establish the location of an item or a person. RTLS is mainly used for process optimization and search based tasks. The time at which assets are tracked is a crucial part of RTLS, and this data may be used in a variety of ways depending on the application. RTLS technology such as RFID, simply require timestamps when an object passes through a specific region, but others require far more detailed visibility and require time data to be updated regularly. For example, managers at facilities can get real-time information and location data on all their mobile assets.

Benefits of RTLS in the Business World:

Knowing where resources or people are at any given time benefits a company in a variety of ways. RTLS technology and hardware has a remarkable range and coverage since they can transmit through objects and walls. RTLS can be used for efficient inventory and human resource management. The use of RTLS infrastructure for production control and asset tracking allows for business process and security optimization.

Furthermore, RTLS technology enables businesses to speeds up business processes but also aids in identifying and correcting problems that slow them down. Businesses will be able to increase service speed in this manner. It enhances the ergonomics of the workplace and the efficiency of personnel on the line. Employees are also prevented from violating any compliances at their workstations. The location data is continually gathered and processed, enabling asset trends, employee productivity analysis to be conducted at any time, either routinely or according to corporate personnel’s convenience, and maybe examined by internal or external authorities.

How RTLS solves Business Problems:

Syook’s InSite platform has helped the automotive industry to achieve operational excellence and faster ROI. Let us take a closer look at one of the case studies.

Problem Statement:

A leading automobile manufacturing company in India wanted to improve their supply chain and in-plant logistics, optimize the operations, enhance productivity and automate business processes while reducing cost and maintaining quality.


Syook deployed the InSite platform, which is an RTLS driven no-code business tool used to monitor the location and movement of trucks for managing in-plant logistics and supply chains at factories and warehouses. To ensure high reliability, accuracy and seamless deployment we came up with a tailored solution which comprised of:

  • Bluetooth based RTLS technology
  • Edge computing enabled IoT anchors and gateways
  • BLE enabled ID cards as tags
  • InSite’s no code rule builder and alerts
  • InSite’ real-time facility map
  • Digital gate pass feature for dynamic allocation of tags to vehicles
  • Advanced analytics engine and automated report generator


  • Effective time-saving at the gates leading to faster shipments
  • Reduce energy consumption and operational costs
  • Real-Time Bottleneck identification
  • Optimized utilization of in-facility docks and loading ramps
  • Higher accountability from the truck drivers/vendors
  • Less paperwork, predictable driving and resting times

Return on investment realised:

With the implementation of Syook InSite, they were able to:

  • Monitor more than 200 to 250 trucks daily.
  • Reduce TAT by 50% for in-plant trips
  • Reduction in truck detention charges by 50%
  • Efficient dock utilization, productivity, compliance and efficiency

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