AI led Campaigns garner impressions in millions

  • RPG Group leverages Generative AI for ground breaking-campaigns like "AI Versus AI," challenging perceptions and creating awareness about its diverse brands
  • RPG Group's exploration of AI-generated imagery in campaigns reinforces its commitment to emotional resonance, positivity, and the brand promise of "Hello Happiness”
  • Gen AI campaigns have collectively secured a staggering 15 Lakh impressions, setting a precedent for engagement in micro campaigns

National, December 13, 2023: RPG Group, one of India's leading business conglomerates, is making waves in the communication landscape with its transformative use of generative artificial intelligence. Through innovative campaigns, RPG Group has reinforced its position as a thought leader in the evolving field of AI-driven communication by effectively engaging with its internal & external audiences on social media and beyond.

Group’s AI Versus AI’ campaign showcases company's expertise in AI-generated content, whilst also creating a platform to talk about various brands under the RPG umbrella. Through this campaign, the participants were challenged to identify which of the presented images were generated by AI and which were original photographs. This interactive campaign sparked intrigue and encouraged engagement, as participants delved into the nuances of AI-generated imagery.

Another campaign that attracted eyeballs was, ‘AI-wali Diwali’- a two-part video series produced using popular gen AI tool, Mid-journey. The video employed stunning visuals that capture the essence of the festival of lights featuring diverse individuals and homes, each celebrating the festival in their unique traditions and colors. The second video displays RPGians in their digital avatars celebrating Diwali. The videos were widely shared across social media platforms, generating significant engagement.

"We at RPG Group believe in the transformative power of innovative communication. Our Gen AI-driven campaigns exemplify our commitment to pushing boundaries and reshaping the narrative. As we navigate the dynamic landscape of AI, we aim not only to engage but to inspire, demonstrating that technology, when harnessed creatively, can truly elevate the human experience.”

Shalini Singh, Group Head – Brand & Communications at RPG Group

In yet another campaign, the group took to social media showcasing a collection of AI-powered images that depicted various expressions of joy and contentment across age groups. This campaign is a deep dive into the multifaceted concept of happiness, in line with group’s brand promise – Hello Happiness. This campaign exhibited the emotional range of AI-generated content and its ability to evoke positive feelings.

These campaigns have been hugely successful, resonating well with audiences. Cumulatively these campaigns have secured about 15 Lakh impression across social media platforms. These initiatives have generated positive engagement and helped build brand presence, solidifying RPG Group’s position as a pioneer in Gen AI communication.

“Our Gen AI-driven communication campaigns have not only achieved their objectives but have also propelled us to the forefront of this transformative technology. We have demonstrated the power of Gen AI to create engaging, innovative, and impactful communication that resonates with audiences and drives brand presence and purpose. As Gen AI continues to evolve, we remain committed to exploring its potential and leveraging it to shape the future of communication.”

Shalini Singh.

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