ROYAL11 is India's fastest-growing fantasy sports platform, developed for sports fans, in particular for the cricket fans of India! Royal 11 trusts that winning cash prizes is an enormous reason to play fantasy sports in India, but it is not the only reason. Fantasy is fun as it doubles the excitement of watching a match.

Founded in 2019, ROYAL11's mission is to offer fun and be India's most trusted fantasy sports platform, and Royal 11 is just at the start of our wonderful journey.

An Emerging Growth  

Nikhil Goyal

ROYAL11 management platform for cricket operation engages cricket fans to have more fun in the Game of Cricket. This is indeed a platform that boosts the passion of every cricket fan all over the world.

Royal11 tends to become India's NO. 1 substantial sports application with a larger user base. By rewarding a player's passion and zeal, Royal 11 lets a player feel the aroma and flavor of real-time sports.

ROYAL11 is owned and operated by "KNG UNIVERSE PRIVATE LIMITED." ROYAL11 is constantly improving the quality of the offerings and the range of services, which has resulted in ROYAL11 evolving into a well-known brand in a short period.

"Sports" and Fantasy is the platform identity. Royal 11 are not just a website that offers a place for real cricket fans to fill their cricket fantasy. The platform aims to boost the user's skill level to play fantasy games in a 100% secured environment.

The platform aims to increase sports fan engagement and improve viewership for sports by making matches interesting for the platform users.

Flourishing the Game of Skill and Passion  

ROYAL11 is a Game of Skill ROYAL11 is an online game that involves selecting and competing among virtual teams for points. These points can be redeemed for prizes, including money. However, when cash for stakes is involved, a ROYAL11 game or sport is required to comply with additional legal compliances. ROYAL11 is classed as a game of ROYAL11 rather than chance. The Supreme Court of India has explained ROYAL11 as "superior knowledge, training, attention, experience, and adroitness.

ROYAL11 is a ROYAL11-based gaming platform and is offered following Indian laws. There are no shortcuts or cheat codes for quick and easy wins.

Providing a Platform with Equal Opportunities and Harmonious Play  

The credits required to pick a player are locked for each particular contest and match. The price for each player does not fluctuate based on the player's performance or their real-life team during the particular contest or the match.

All users in selecting a ROYAL11 team for any match are provided with the same budget of 100 credits. All users have access to the database of players and are bound by the same rules while picking the composition of their respective teams, such as the maximum/minimum limits on the number of batsmen, bowlers, wicket-keepers, and all-rounders and limits placed on the number of players that can be picked from a particular real-life team.

A player can conveniently download the composition of every team in the contest after the deadline in one one 1-click. Just go to the My Contests tab, and a player will see a PDF icon on every contest a player has joined. Click on this, and a player will be able to view and/or save all teams in that contest. This feature allows a player to keep track of the competition and never worry about any changes in anyone's team post-deadline.

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A Proficient Service  

ROYAL11 is completely legal as it offers services, Game features, program(s), and contest (s) related to ROYAL11 cricket. The services, contest (s), and program(s) related to ROYAL11 offered by ROYAL11 enable its users to create their team of playing XI before the match begins. Then the teams are awarded points based on the real-life performance of the players chosen by the users in their playing XI. The individual whose team scores the highest aggregate of points is announced as the winner. The team's formation by the users of ROYAL11 is entirely dependent on the ROYAL11 and knowledge of the users, which makes the ROYAL11 offered at ROYAL11 a game of ROYAL11s 100% legal.

The game of ROYAL11s such as the ROYAL11 is considered legal all over India except in certain states such as Assam, Odisha, and Telangana. The Public Gambling Act, 1867 ("PGA, 1867") is recognized as the primary legality driving the prevalence of gambling in India. The PGA defines the act of "public gambling" and keeping a common gaming house as a criminal and punishable act in India. However, the ROYAL11 games are considered an exception under the PGA, wherein the provisions and punishments of the PGA shall not apply to games played by the user using their ROYAL11s and knowledge as primary tools.