Landscaping is not just about creating a pretty picture of the outdoors –- it's about crafting an experience that engages all your senses and uplifts your spaces. And that's exactly what RNA Landscape Design Studio achieving since its inception.

Founded by Radhika Tyagi Mehta and Nimit Mehta, the company aims to meet these demands by providing innovative landscape design solutions. With over 15 years of collective experience in the field of landscape architecture and a master's degree from the School of Planning and Architecture, New Delhi, the founders started the firm in 2020 with the goal of creating a blend of local knowledge, innovation, and technical excellence to deliver solutions that enhance and sustain the built, natural, and social environments. The team adds, “The firm was initially started by Radhika to move forward with the market demands while Nimit joined eventually. Both the founders captured better opportunities as the market demanded and with the aim to widen the horizon at every available option, RNA began to spread its wings wider. We have been dedicatedly working hard to grow our relatively young firm into one of the leading landscape consultancy providers for three years now.”

The Evolution 

The Studio's ability to combine innovative design with logical engineering approaches and context-based solutions makes it a master in executing complex projects. Over the years, the firm has gained the trust of its clients, leading to the growth and expansion of the company. It plans to reach as many users as possible with its holistic design approach, catering to architects, developers, and individuals alike. In 2023, RNA envisions capturing the market with various categories and scales of projects, with a focus on adding unique projects to its portfolio. “We plan our year with an eagle’s eye as we look forward to capture the market with various categories and scales of projects. The larger variation of landscape architecture categories brings more knowledge and experience which catapults our progress and experience to a longer distance. The focus will be to add more unique projects which will bring us on the larger Map of World landscape architects,” they shared.

With over a decade of experience and specialization in designed landscape spaces, RNA has hands-on experience in projects from residential to commercial and institutional to hospitality, across India. Apart from working on residential and commercial projects, it has now ventured into cinema theaters, farmhouses, hospitality, lakeside development, and plotted development. The company's holistic approach to design and planning delivers livable, enduring places that are compatible with and considerate of natural ecosystems. 

Projects and Positive Effects on the Environment

The firm offers design and presentations, tender documents and BOQs (civil and horticulture), construction drawings, site coordination, and coordination with several other project consultants. The team’s ability to experiment and innovate allows for the creation of new ideas, leading to variation in its designs. “We all work as a team towards completion of our goals and it works effectively as a system to provide design and technical solutions,” the founders exclaim.

RNA Landscape Design Studio aims to integrate landscape architecture with architecture, urban design, environmental considerations, and interiors, with a desire to create a 'sense of place' driving its design approach. “We find inspiration in the local culture and character to deliver a truly unique identity combined with successful place-making is a celebratory response to the larger forces of homogenization in our rapidly urbanizing world. It is at these complex intersections where new grounds are constantly broken in the landscape profession and RNA is aiming to lead forward to solve simultaneously complex issues,” the team highlights.

In a relentlessly urbanizing India, RNA Landscape Design Studio balances environmental stewardship with development pressures and a vision to create capabilities that can match the complexities of land development. The company aims to increase biophilic perception and create more breathable spaces for the end user. RNA's approach delivers imaginative and sustainable solutions that enhance the quality of life and ensures every project's long-term success. Commitment to innovation, design quality, social inclusion, best value for the client and community, careful use of natural resources, on-time deliverables, professionally detailed drawings, engagement with onsite teams, prompt solutions, and unique design approach helps it maintain a cordial and trustworthy relationship with its clients.

Silver Lining

RNA Landscape Design Studio started in 2020 during the peak of the pandemic. Despite initial doubts about the future of construction, the firm gained many clients and has completed numerous successful projects since then. They shared, “We have had our doubts about the future of construction but fortunately many clients got linked, and from there on our foundation became stronger. After we showcase our design skills to every client we have always been connected from there on to more projects as we provide unique & empathetic design ideas.”

Rooted in Hyderabad, RNA boasts the unique advantage of having two experts as founders who are both experienced landscape architects. This allows them to leverage their expertise and work at a larger and faster capacity than their competitors. With a commitment to continuously improving their skills and knowledge, their primary goal is to deliver exceptional design outcomes and connect end-users to a more biophilic environment, particularly in the face of rapid urban development.

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