There have been multiple habitual changes and an evident shift in the lifestyle of human beings over the past five years. Priorities have evolved, leading to a new lifestyle and a willingness to innovate living spaces. Everyone is constantly on the move, discovering new methods to interact, new amenities, and new requirements, all centred in homes and the transformation in how to work, sleep, live, exercise, and entertain. People are now investing more time and efforts in enhancing the functionality of spaces in their homes, as well as developing them for a home-centered lifestyle as residential architecture moves towards self-sufficiency and sustainability.

We, at Chromed Design Studio, are experiencing a metamorphosis of trends, from structural modifications to aesthetic alterations, as architecture design is undergoing a paradigm shift. Today, Architects are focused on assimilating modular techniques, transitional entrances, home automation, and smart home technologies. Therapeutic living has also become a new trend, where green areas, terrace gardens, natural light and ventilation, courtyards, indoor plants, green walls, and sunken gardens profoundly affect the occupants' well-being. Furthermore, the habitue's comfort and mental well-being are also being prioritised. Below, we discuss how residential design is evolving as a result of changing lifestyles.

Transformation Begins with the Entrance

As people grow more conscious of maintaining sanitary environments and clear distinctions between outdoors and in, entryways, foyers, and mudrooms are receiving greater attention. These can improve not only the aesthetics but also the overall functioning of your house.

The foyer and mudroom, as well as other features that allow people to come from the outside world, remove their shoes, and sanitize their hands, receive greater attention especially since the  Covid pandemic. Simple components, such as built-in storage, a sizable island with deep drawers that adds additional storage space, and a place for folding laundry, increase functionality. Although these areas are not new, there has been a surge in demand for them in recent times.

The importance of Separating Areas has Grown

It is vital to have segregated spaces in response to the changing circumstances. The need to have such spaces for different activities has moderated the emergence of entirely open floor plans, as most ordinary activities are limited to homes. Clutter-free settings with a touch of comfort lead to stimulating, entertaining, and relaxing environments all at the same time. When much of the escaping has taken place within the boundaries of your own home, a good design might be the greatest ally. Earthy accents are a great choice as they tend to create a relaxed atmosphere. The Maharani Bagh house design by Chromed Design Studiowas conceived with the idea of a commodious living room. The pared-back design with open plan layout successfully declutters the space; a fine balance between calm and creativity. The beautiful red sofa set contrasts beautifully with the living room's soft earthy undertones. The area exhibits an aesthetic play of colours and textures by incorporating a holistic Indian material palette and decor features such as a virtuous rafter ceiling, winsome artworks, and exquisite rugs. The general colour scheme of beige and brown contributes to the spacious setting of the home.

With changing design trends, installing entertainment spaces like home theatres, spas, and play areas has become increasingly popular. These areas can also be used as fitness rooms, home office space, or other multifunctional rooms.

Office and study rooms have become more significant than ever as more individuals work (and learn) from home. Many people have converted spaces into home offices, demonstrating the value of having a dedicated workspace. Homes featuring various places, such as offices, libraries, and study areas, have become increasingly common in design.

Areas for rejuvenation with friends and families have also garnered an increasing interest nowadays. These requirements have initiated the need for recreational spaces like basements and terraces converted into niche  areas like home studios as well as home bars for entertaining guests. . With a brief to design a fancy home lounge & bar that caters to all whimsat  the client’s residence, Ar. Abhigyan Neogi, founder of Chromed Design Studio successfully drove the vision of building a home lounge bar to reality in a Civil Lines residence in New Delhi. Featuring  a massive 30 feet long bar counter club quality sound & lighting systems, and custom made art work, renders this space as a dream home bar project. Such projects have been fetching a lot of interest since the pandemic for intimate and safe ways of enjoying restaurant like settings within the comfort of your own homes.

Preference for Open Spaces and Outdoor Retreats are Becoming more Prevalent

Our living environments significantly impact our physical and mental well-being; now is the time to change them into our getaway. It is essential to create surroundings that positively engage the senses, promote relaxation, and improve the health and wellness of the inhabitants. The evolution has highlighted the need to maintain well-ventilated and airy spaces indoors. Balconies and outdoor terraces are becoming increasingly important. They provide good access to sunlight and fresh air, both of which are essential for our well-being. The terrace for a recent residential project designed by Chromed Design Studio overlooking the famous Humayun’s  Tomb in Delhi is designed as a conservatory to lounge in and enjoy the best views of. A stunning clandestine chandelier poses for an intensified charm of this glass conservatory. Incorporating wooden flooring, cane furniture, and a muted palette, the space exemplifies minimalistic luxury. With a modish seating setup and a seamless view of Humayun’s Tomb, this conservatory serves for the most remarkable area of the house.

A natural retreat can be created in a large yard, a small yard, a terrace, or even a small sit-out balcony. Comfortable outdoor seats, string lights, outdoor planters, and other embellishments are increasingly in high demand these days. A boutique duplex home designed by Ar. Abhigyan Neogi at Hauz Khaz Village with an ideal outdoor patio for taking in the scenery, is one of the finest examples of such outdoor spaces. The idea behind this outdoor space was to create a relaxed rustic atmosphere while overlooking a magnificent historical sight of the Hauz khas lake and creating a seamless link with nature. With this amazing spectacle, Ar. Abhigyan Neogi makes a statement by outlining a 21st-century retro setting at the heart of this 14th-century framework. Where houseplants and natural wonders have promoted a sense of well-being and the incorporation of "natural furniture" instantly connects to the outdoor elements.

Reflective and responsive designs have long been a cornerstone of the innovative approach. Circumstances change, and trends come and go, but the lifestyle transformations that have occurred in recent years do not appear to be going away. The evolving design style, which represents a transition from mere aesthetics to comfort and functionality, isn't going away anytime soon since homeowners are drawn to it. The concept of renovating homes to make them more intimate and livable is the new market. Further, this concept is leading to a smooth transition in the design industry.

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About Author

Featured on the iDecorama top 100 Architect’s list, A&I top 100, i-GEN 50 and MGS top 50 list of the best architects & interior designers, Chromed Design Studio has long been in the industry of creating atmospheres than mere designs. Recognized pan India specifically for their eclectic and emblematic interiors, Chromed Design Studio plays in a multiplicity of repertoires, never sticking to purity of style, rather letting the vicinity translate into a vocabulary that is both informal and bold. Their décors are their playground, spaces where spontaneity and magic are de rigueur. Chromed’s niche which is hospitality and luxury design excites and provokes but never fails to surprise for its ingenuity, daring and singular quest to uplift the ambience and break free to entertain.

Spearheading Chromed Design Studio is Ar. Abhigyan Neogi where, through his individual expertise has contributed towards the firm’s robust image in the design industry. Abhigyan combines his sharp logical ability with joyful nature to create habitats that embody the wow spirit. Apart from creating avant-grade design strategies that redefine the façade of modern community life, he has also been a speaker sharing his experience on various platforms like Talk of the Town, 2019 by Surfaces Reporter and FOAID 2018-19. Celebrated hospitality projects designed by him have been featured in numerous mainlines including Home and Design Trendz, Restaurant India, Hospitality Biz, Architecture + Design, L’Officiel, B.O.B Korea, Restaurant Development + Design and many more. He has been acknowledged with Young Designer Award, India 2010; Estrade Award, Singapore for Best Commercial Interiors 2016; Winner for Retail Interiors by FOAID India 2016, Commendation at Saint Gobain; Economic Times Award for Best Hospitality Design 2016 and Platinum Winner for Best Hospitality Interiors at Architecture Ideas 3.0 by Berger and FOAID India 2017; Winner at HP Skyline 2050 Awards; Speaker at Dialogues Hyderabad 2018; Finalist at Cera Design Challenge 2018 & Finalist for Commercial and Hospitality Interiors at Architecture Ideas 4.0 by FOAID 2018.

The practice is currently marching ahead with a vibrant team; each pursuing a distinctive value based architectural spirit that Chromed Design Studio imbues.

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