Chetan and Aditi Walunj, Founders

The state of Maharashtra has been a place full of opportunities for young innovative minds. There has been an increase in the number of Start Up companies across the country and a maximum number of companies are booming from the state of Maharashtra. The spirit of entrepreneurship has gained considerable traction in the state of Maharashtra after the state government launched its startup policy in 2018 named ‘The Maharashtra State Innovative Startup Policy’. The initiative of forming a robust startup ecosystem in this state has created a path for better economic growth and job creation by encouraging entrepreneurs to design novel solutions in new age sectors.

Repos Energy is one of the Start up companies which was established in Pune, Maharashtra in 2017. The company started with a very unique vision of bringing an ecological change in the country. The mission of the company is to bring all fuels, be it liquid, gas, or electric, onto one platform and make them available with Mobile Energy Distribution to guide India towards a carbon neutral future. Carbon neutrality is a state of net-zero carbon dioxide emissions. This can be achieved by balancing emissions of carbon dioxide with its removal or by eliminating emissions from society. The company has a very significant aim which leads the country to a healthy and sustainable future.


With a vision to change the energy distribution in India, Repos Energy started its journey only five years ago. The start-up is backed by the Tata Sons,Ratan Tata. In 2017, Repos Energy founders Chetan Walunj and his wife Aditi Bhosale Walunj saw a great opportunity in the challenges of the prevalent fuel distribution and innovated a system to offer fuel at doorsteps through mobile petrol pumps. Since then the company has grown in all aspects. In 2018, the foundation of the world's largest mobile petrol pump facility, Repos IoT, was laid. The first Repos Mobile Petrol Pump was launched in this year itself, in Varanasi. In 2019, the government of India came up with Doorstep Diesel Delivery Policy after Repos was successful in its pilot projects. It completed 32 pilot projects floated by the Government for doorstep diesel delivery in 2019 itself. In 2020 the company again gained success when their innovation of Repos Mobile Petroleum pumps were especially made for the Indian Army (DGBR) and United Nations. They also inaugurated their third office,Repos Towers in Pune in the same year. In 2021, the company put forward a very interesting approach of organising an Energy StartUp Summit. The energy startup summit was created with the goal of encouraging India’s entrepreneurial spirit by helping them become fuel startups. Repos was awarded the National Startup Award 2021 at the prestigious 6-day Startup India Innovation Week. Repos was amongst the 150 entrepreneurs who got the opportunity to present their policy recommendations at the virtual gathering presided by PM Narendra Modi. The Company won this award in the Energy distribution category. Repos was also awarded the India Green Energy award for its Innovations in the same year. Repos has only grown since its inception and hasn't taken a step back since then.


The company has successfully identified the gigantic gap between the supply and the demand for fuel and came up with an innovative solution that involved the use of IoT. We designed the Repos Mobile Petrol Pump, an innovative petrol pump on wheels that is capable of bridging the supply demand gap for fuel and bringing bulk diesel deliveries right to the customer’s doorstep. These vehicles are manufactured in Repos’s IoT facility in Chakan, Pune. Repos has also created an app that allows customers to order diesel easily from anywhere across the world. They also get a dashboard of all their previous consumption on the same application which allows them to correctly predict future requirements and place repeated orders quickly. Besides RMPP, Repos’s IoT unit also produces DATUM (Data Automated Teller Ultimate Machine), a smart tool that gives real time information to business owners about the quality and quantity of fuel in their premises, thus handing them full control over their fuel procurement and consumption pattern.

In these five years, Repos has marked its presence in 220+ cities in India with 1500+ Repos Mobile Petrol Pumps operating on ground.

Repos believes that the future is green, and it is much closer than predicted. Green energy forms need to be incorporated into the fuel mix of the country in order to swiftly move towards a carbon-neutral future. The intent of the company is  to expedite this process  by bringing traditional fossil fuels on a mobile distribution network in order to free up space in existing petrol pumps to accommodate newer, clean fuels and to find ways to distribute clean fuels using established mobile network in order to bring them in a much faster manner to the end users.

The founders of Repos believe that the purpose of Repos is to solve the problem of increasing carbon emissions through an effective and systematic distribution of energy, one energy form at a time, and it starts with the doorstep delivery of diesel, which will transform the outlook of energy distribution in the country.

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